Urban Decay Vegan Palette

Some time ago I did a quick look through my Urban Decay palettes to see which shadows I actually owned, and which ones I'd like to add to my collection. I got some disturbing results which made me so disappointed in Urban Decay that I didn't even post it back then. I even decided not to buy any more palettes from them until something changed, so I skipped their "Summer of Love" palette even though I absolutely loved the adorable hippie theme.

Urban Decay Vegan PaletteThis fall Urban Decay launched another limited edition eye shadow palette, and for the first time it's exclusively vegan. Rejoice! It's simply called "Vegan", and the artwork is immensely cute. I'll happily admit to the fact that I need this mostly because of its packaging. I mean, there's a little Chihuahua on the lid - and how am I supposed to resist that?

The palette contains: "Minx" (blue-green shift w/ glitter), "Urb" (metallic celadon w/ lots of silver/gold microglitter), "Gunmetal" (gunmetal gray w/ silver glitter), "Twice Baked" (brownie brown w/ gold glitter), "Smog" (deep coppery bronze) and "Half-Baked" (subtle lustrous bronze). You also get the regular travel-sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Zero" and a tiny bottle of Primer Potion in "Sin". The three first colors are all new and luckily enough to justify the purchase to me. Wink

I did notice that Urban Decay have raised their prices slightly, so the price is now $34 for six colors, a mini eyeliner pencil and primer potion - which would be about 204,- NOK with today's exchange rate. Not too bad for a cute little palette with good quality eye shadows! Once again I'm sorry to inform you that Urban Decay doesn't ship out of the US, but hopefully the adorable "Vegan" palette will be available from one of the international webshops soon.

Urban Decay Vegan Palette"We don't do animal testing.. How could anyone?"

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