A tiny little M·A·C haul

MAC Hipness BlushI was being so proud of myself for being able to say no, and ignore the last few items from M·A·C To the Beach collection I didn't get my hands on before they sold out - but somewhere along the line I apparently failed myself. Today Mr. Postman brought me M·A·C "Hipness" (intense coral with soft white pearl) and M·A·C "Temperature Rising" (loudmouth orange) - together with M·A·C "Devil" (bright iridescent coral orange) which is a Pro item, not related to this collection at all.

So what happened? I really don't know, but I suddenly felt like an idiot for not grabbing "Hipness" when I had the chance. It's a repromote from the M·A·C Fafi collection, and I've heard a lot of people praising this blush. Amira told me that it was pretty much like M·A·C Ripe Peach, which I got back in March, but I still wanted "Hipness". And what happens when I want something? I think about it so much I'm about to go crazy, before I cave and go on a rampage to find the item in question. I have a lot of treasures in my collection now, and some I'm quite happy to have gotten my hands on.

This completes (through three hauls) my M·A·C To the Beach haul with the following products:

  • "Marine Life" High-Light Powder
  • "Hipness" Powder Blush
  • "Float on By" Eye Kohl
  • "Temperature Rising" Lip Pencil
  • "Firecracker" Eye Shadow
  • "Sweet & Punchy" Eye Shadow

Yep, I'm a M·A·C whore. I'll admit it. And I'll say it again. I desperately need to start my organizing soon, but I'm guessing it'll be put off until after Paris, and then a little longer since we're going up north and then back down south, before spending the rest of our vacation in Trondheim. We've got a busy schedule, see.

Photo © M·A·C Cosmetics