Charming by Ti Sento

Ti Sento Locked UpI have finally found an answer to the inevitable question of what I want for my birthday or for Christmas. I recently stumbled upon a range of jewellery called "Charming by Ti Sento", and it's even sold here in Norway - at least at Thune. Unfortunately, they can be quite pricey depending on which charm you want, as most things are here in Norway. No wonder I praise the Internet! I managed to find a jeweller in the Netherlands with affordable prices, and international shipping! So I ordered one of the Ti Sento bracelets, a non-heavy simple bracelet in Sterling Silver, and I my very first charm - these gorgeous handcuffs called "Locked Up". I just adore the way they dangle! So cute. I willingly admit that I have my eyes on a few others as well, but they will be going onto my list of wishes.

I've always been mighty fascinated by charm bracelets for as long as I can remember, and I have always wanted one for myself. When I was in the US in 2002 I kept looking for one, but I couldn't find anything special, so I decided on going for another eBay rampage. Lo and behold, I struck gold.. or rather Sterling Silver! During 2003 I bought lots of tiny little charms from different sellers on eBay, picturing tiny little items I could identify myself with. I even found a teeny-tiny little wheelchair charm, and instantly hung it on my bracelet. Unfortunately I can't seem to find my bracelet, I must have misplaced it during the move to Trondheim. Anyway, I didn't pay much for either of those charms, and they are of a completely different quality than the ones from Ti Sento even though both are Sterling Silver.

"Charming by Ti Sento" is, as you can see from their website, a rather large range of incredibly charming charms of all sorts, and you can buy different kinds of bracelets for them as well. Some have room for only a few charms, while others are made up of small rings to fit nothing but charms. How can one not love them? I'm charmed! Grin

Photo © Ti Sento