Norsk Kennel Klub, Hamar

Last weekend was quite stressful. Since we finally had the chance to use our new caravan, we had decided to go to Hamar to attend their annual NKK dog show. Talk about crazy! Hamar is a five and half hour drive from Trondheim, and the weather forecast had already warned us about snow. In Trondheim. With snow comes icy roads, and thankfully we had enough foresight to change into snow tires before we left home on Friday. Why? Because we drove through a couple of different seasons on our way home on Sunday afternoon. I decided to stay online on Facebook to keep in contact with those who had left before us, and we were warned about accidents, icy roads, people with summer tires on their cars laying in ditches, and snow. Lots of snow. When we came to Rena the landscape had changed completely from an autumn scene to something resembling a Christmas card - or the insides of a snow globe!

It was our first real trip with the caravan - if you don't count the little camping we had in Ålesund when we picked it up - so we agreed on spending the whole weekend in Hamar, even though chihuahua was scheduled for showing on Sunday only. We arrived on Friday night, a lot later than we had originally planned, and experienced some minor setbacks (left too late, forgot about filling up the water tank, forgot my jacket and had to drive back into the city with the caravan attached, hit afternoon traffic) that kept us up until 3 AM. When everything was sorted out, we ate some suspicious looking food from some local fast-food restaurant - the only restaurant that was still open, and went to bed. My initial plan was to get up early on Saturday, walk down to Vikingskipet and watch the show. Unfortunately my body seemed to disagree after the long drive, so most of the show was already finished once we got down there. Øyvind's parents drove up to see us, and together we watched the finals. Afterwards we had dinner before they had to leave us, and when the evening came we spent some time with Cuda's breeders like we use to. I love the social side of showing dogs, it's so nice seeing everyone!

But back to the star of this post, namely my beloved little Theo. I wasn't expecting much when I saw which other dogs he was competing against. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying, Theo's my heart and I love him to death, but there are a lot of dogs that have more of that typical look that a lot of judges want in a chihuahua. Our judge of the day was also a woman, and statistically that would mean Theo would be awarded a blue ribbon (we've been to 12 shows now, six of these 12 judges have been female, and four of them has awarded him with a blue ribbon - every male judge have given him the sought-after red ribbon), but believe me when I say I was truly grinning from ear to ear when she handed him the red ribbon. My boy(s) received an Excellent at an NKK show! He didn't get a CK this time either and ended up being placed third in the competition, but I really didn't care - an Excellent was what I was hoping for. A lot of blue ribbons were handed out, so I was really proud of both my boys.

Mycket bra typ. Rett formad hode, men en aning long nosparti. Bra öron. Tilsträcklig vinklat fram och bak. Mycket bra svans. Rett pelskvalitet, men ei i full pels i dag. Rör seg bra, behöver lite mer selvstendighet.

October 9th, 2011 · Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finland

Now I'm only looking forward to the next show, next weekend. It's most likely our second last show for 2011, but even though I hate long-distance driving during this time of year, I appreciate having something fun to look forward to when the days grows colder and darker by the minute.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11


Norsk Chihuahuaklubb, Oslo

I never imagined we would attend a dog show down south, but what do you know! A while ago we decided to sign up for the annual NKK show at Bjerke, as well as the annual Norwegian Chihuahua Specialty at Bogstad Camping, but we quickly agreed on skipping the show at Bjerke. I was a little sad about it since I really wanted to be there, but attending would mean leaving home on Friday, book a hotel room for the night, and then be up and about at Bjerke at 9 AM, Saturday morning. Too much hassle, and way too expensive for one dog show! So we drove from Trondheim to Oslo on Saturday instead, had a wonderful, but cold evening, barbequing at the camping with a lot of other Chihuahua people, and ready to attend the show on Sunday.

Theo behaved very good, and I was very pleased to see even more improvement in the chemistry between Øyvind (as the handler) and Theo in the ring. This was their first time in Open, so the competition was hard (and fun). I don't have the exact number, but they were up against 15-20 other dogs, whereas only five of them got Excellent before judge Teija Poikolainen-Däuber from Finland. Theo was awarded a blue ribbon with an OK critique, and I was quite happy with the results, even though an Excellent would have made me smile just a little wider. I'm by no means an experienced dog handler, but I could point out the faults she had listed in the critique even before receiving it. Hopefully most of these things will sort themselves out as he grows into adulthood. I'm aware that his muzzle is a little long, but I would rather have a healthy dog with good teeth and a long muzzle, than one with a short muzzle and teeth problems (not implying that a short muzzle automatically means problems, but surely you know what I mean).

Good size/type. Good head. Little long nosepart. Beautiful big ears. Too small eyes. Neck OK. Good topline and tail. Good bones for his size. Needs more coat and table training. Front movement OK. Behind movement too narrow.

August 21st, 2011 · Judge: Teija Poikolainen-Däuber, Finland

While we had to pack up and leave the ring after receiving the blue ribbon, we didn't leave straight away. We cheered for Heidi, Vanja and Marthe when they entered the ring, and it was awesome seeing them all again. Vanja even awarded me personally with an Excellent saying "excellent bitch!", followed by a CK for "outstanding temperament". For those of you who aren't really into the jargon and showing dogs, it was only a joke between Vanja and I, when she gave me one of Lexin's Excellent ribbons to look after while handling him - a ribbon that is now decorating my purse. Grin

We're definitely doing these two shows again next year, when we have our caravan and everything will be so much easier. The cabin we rented at Bogstad Camping was indeed very nice, accessible for wheelchairs, and had everything we needed. Like a little apartment really. Two thumbs up! A great big thanks to everyone for making this a very pleasant weekend, and it was very nice meeting everyone - both old and new friends around the ring. Until next time! *tips hat*


Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb, Verdal

In mid-August we spent a weekend at Soria Moria Camping in Verdal, where we attended another dog show. The weather was beautiful, with a clear blue sky, nice temperatures and sunshine all day. Soon it'll all be over this year, and we'll have a few months to prepare before the next season starts.

I really enjoy attending these dog shows, they are indeed something special to me. It's not that I have to win, or show that my dog is the best Chihuahua in the world (for that he his, it goes without saying), but it's the whole package. It's excellent training for the fuzzballs, both for obedience and socially, and it's a great way of making new acquaintances and friends with similar hobbies. This is partly why we decided to buy a caravan, to make it even more social than it already is. For us, I mean.

On Saturday Theo did very good, and was awarded two red ribbons! I'm so proud of both my boys for getting better and better in the ring. There's not really much to say, I think the critique speaks for itself. His only two years old yet, so he still has time to develop the type of head desired in a Chihuahua. I don't know, to me his head looks beautiful, but then again.. he's my perfect little fox no matter what.

Bra størrelse. Utmerket pigment. Store velansatte ører. Mycket bra kjever og bett. Kunne hatt litt mer volym på skallen. Lagom halslengd, fin nakkevelvning. Sterk rygg. Bra lengd på brystkassen. Velbåret hale med fin høyd. Vakker pels. Rør seg med et hærligt steg fra siden. Bra spenst i steget bak.

August 13th, 2011 · Judge: Hans Almgren, Sverige

Sunday was.. something else. Even though the weather was nice, it was quite windy and I think it made Theo a little skittish. Leaves were rustling, things were moving all around us. I still think he did well, but he ended up being awarded a blue ribbon and so-so critiques. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed, but then again.. the judges are indeed different.

Maskulint hode, kunne vært noe høyere og markert i skallen og stoppet. Framskutt skulder. Stram rygg. Bra hale. Kunne hatt rettere framben. Litt lettkledd, men tilstrekkelig med frynser. Kunne hatt mer vinkling bak, og lavere hase. Kjekk i temperament, men faller litt i front i bevegelse

August 14th, 2011 · Judge: Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Norge

We made a new friend, Linn Hege, and I got to cuddle the cutest little Chihuahua I've ever seen: Silly. She was so calm, and so immensely beautiful, I had to fight the urge to put her inside my jacket and runaway with her. *cough* And she did so well in the ring! Linn Hege came over to me to say hello, since we kind of knew each other from a forum, and silly as it might sound (no pun intended).. it meant a lot to me. And of course we met all our other dog friends again, Camilla, Anita, Vanja, Sonja and Ann Kristin - only Heidi, Venke and Jan Åge was missing, but we'll see them soon.

Every time we attend a dog show I see a change in Theo. A change for the better. This time he wasn't nearly as tense as he has been, he seemed very happy and did quite well around other dogs. Naturally he had a few minor fits if other, bigger dogs came too close, but all-in-all I was very proud of how he was behaving. We're still pretty inexperienced when it comes to shows, but we learn something new every time we stand before a new judge. This was our 9th show, and the last time for Theo to be shown in AUK (or Open Novice) before moving on to AK (or Open).


Trondheim Hundefestival

I kinda wish I could decide on whether or not do write these posts in English, but you know.. I must be one of the most indecisive people on Earth!

We spent today at Støren where the second day of the annual Trondheim Hundefestival was being held. Nowadays I'm kinda used to things not really turning out as I've planned, so instead of spending the weekend there we attended today only. I had intended for both dogs to be shown, but after discussing it over with Cuda's breeder we decided to pull him because of the lack of lower canines. I seriously hope they'll pop up soon, it would make me immensely happy, but I'm not so sure they will. Too bad there's nothing to be done about it, I would really like to keep showing him - but there's little to be done with Mother Nature's decisions.

Last time we attended a dog show, which was at Sunndalsøra in the end of April, both Theo and Cuda appeared anxious towards all the other dogs. It was quite embarrassing when Cuda just kept on barking, barking.. and barking more (while wagging his little tail ecstatically), and Theo snapped and hissed at any dog daring enough to walk past him, which kinda happens quite frequently when attending a dog show. I felt like digging a deep hole in the ground and disappearing. After Øyvind had been working with them for an hour or maybe even more, they finally seemed to calm down and managed to enter the ring in a somewhat decent manner. From that point on everything turned easy-peasy!

Correct size. Middle long in body. Enough correct head. Bit strong expression. Good teeth. Correct chest and bones for age. Correct topline. Middle coat condition. Enough correct in moving.


Judge: Duzan Paunowic, Serbia

Their behavior made me dread the next planned show, which was this weekend, but as it turned out we seemed to have brought two completely different dogs this time? Our theory is that all the work we put into it while surrounded by tons of unfamiliar dogs of all sizes and their owners, turned out to be a wonderful experience which made both dogs a lot more accustomed to the show environment. Cuda naturally wanted to greet everyone, dogs and people, while Theo kept extremely calm during the whole ordeal. I think he has been allowed to develop a bit too much of his own free will, which makes him sort of difficult to get to focus when there's a lot going on around him, but today's achievements showed a change in him. A positive change! Even though he didn't work as good as I would have wanted him to, he was awarded two red ribbons (excellent) along with his very first CK! I'm so proud of my little fuzzball. And Øyvind of course, who's doing some really good work in training and handling the two little rascals.

Xina Cross Country

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11