Nordlandssykehuset 2014

Ting går sjeldent helt som jeg har tenkt, eller planlagt, eller sett for meg. Jeg begynner å innse at det er en realitet. Da jeg for en måneds tid siden ble oppringt av min faste sykepleier ved Nordlandssykehuset med spørsmål om å komme til årskontroll - eller 'EU-kontroll', som jeg endte opp med å kalle det - gikk luften litt ut av meg. Tanken på uendelig lang reisevei, 12 timer i bil, og det å reise nordover i det hele og store, fikk magen min til å velte seg litt. Jeg endte derfor opp med å takke nei for å sjekke om jeg kunne få utført den samme kontrollen på St. Olavs, for så å plutselig komme på at.. det går jo tog nordover? Riktignok tar det nesten ti timer, men å sitte på tog kan i det minste være ganske underholdende og man er fri til å gjøre veldig mye mer enn man kan i bil. Dessuten har de bistrovogn, og det hjelper en hel del. Dermed bestemte jeg meg for å likevel takke ja, St. Olavs var jo som vanlig ikke veldig behjelpelige (som jo er helt greit, siden jeg egentlig ikke vil ha noe med dem å gjøre), og begynte planleggingen av Den Lengste Togreisen™.


Paris Haul #3: Facials

Here's the third and final part of my "Paris Haul" series, and this time I've added just about everything else. I did also buy four pair of jeans, three t-shirts, a skirt, a hoodie and a jacket, but I didn't bother photographing any of those. Maybe some other time. Probably not. Anyway, below you'll find everything facial, a few tools and a couple of fragrances.

Since I'm very aware of having readers who couldn't care less about makeup and shopping, those of you who are interested will have to click "continue reading" for the juicy details, including pictures. And with this I conclude my haul. Grin


Snow Storms and Lipsticks

The weather has been hideous the last few days, apparently we're experiencing arctic storms somewhere off the coast, with one minute of sunshine and a severe snow storm the next. So frustrating, I want spring now! Nonetheless I wanted to venture out for a bit. The reason? I survived a meeting I had dreaded very much for a couple of weeks now, and I even ended up smiling and I felt like that was reason enough for a little trip to the mall - McDonald's and M·A·C, here I come!

The Body Shop Earth Lovers™ Shower GelAfter eating I had to take a quick detour to The Body Shop to check if they had something new and exciting to tempt me with, and of course they did! So I picked up one of their new Earth Lovers™ Shower Gels in Apricot & Basil - would someone please get me a straw so I can drink it? It smells so delicious! It's a 100% biodegradable shower gel in a 100% recycled plastic bottle. When I was on my way to the counter to pay for it I noticed an ad for a lip product called Lip Line Fixer, which is a retractable, colorless pencil made to prevent lipstick from bleeding and help 'fill' fine lines. Even though I don't use lip products that often, I decided to buy one to try. According to nine reviews on MakeupAlley it seems to be a good product, so I'm kinda excited about it - and a colorless lip pencil sounds neat!

Even though I do my best to stay away from the M·A·C counter when I'm at Trondheim Torg, I couldn't resist stopping by today. I wanted to check out their new Sheen Supreme lipsticks, especially since Fieran had sent me the pink one called "Behave Yourself" (light blue pink) - thank you so much, sweetheart! I wore it today and I absolutely loved the way it looked on my lips. I'd describe it as something between a lip gloss and a lipstick, and it gave my lips a sheer, subtle hint of pink. Perfection! Since I really liked this pink lipstick, I wanted to check out a few of the other colors while I was at Trondheim Torg. I had my heart set on "Gotta Dash" (pale clean coral) and "Full Speed" (bright clean yellow pink), but they were out of "Gotta Dash". I haven't tried "Full Speed" yet, but I adore the color! You can see swatches of the new Sheen Supremes here, here and here on Temptalia.

Photo courtesy of The Body Shop


O’glorious Body Shop

The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach & Green Apple Bath & Shower GelAnother glorious day of shopping! Or not really. I just went in and straight back out, getting the two-three things I was planning on getting. We went back to Trondheim Torg where the first post on my agenda was to go to The Body Shop to pick up a few more shower gels and see if they might have the new Shimmer Cubes.

I recently saw a campaign somewhere that The Body Shop has brought back a few old favorites, and I clearly remember my love for Fuzzy Peach when I was in Junior High. I still love everything peach, but just seeing the name instantly brought back lots of good memories. They actually had it in stock, so I picked up a bottle of Fuzzy Peach and a bottle of Green Apple (250ml or 8.4 US fl. oz.) Bath & Shower Gel, and both smell like heavens to me. I wish they would make them drinkable!

I was also very happy to discover that they had the newest Shimmer Cubes in stock. I've been a fan of these Shimmer Cubes ever since I bought my first ones, and this year they were a lot more interesting than usual. It contains four individual cubes in the colors: Emerald Sea, Sea Shell, Hushed Orchid and Sparkling Sky. When I pulled out all four I noticed that the two oldest ones was 4 x 4 grams, while the two newest was only 4 x 3.5 grams - but no matter, they'll last you a lifetime!

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes 19Even so I now own four of them:

  • 06: Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow, Choc Chip
  • 15: Sea Blue, Golden Sun, Green Meadow, Fiery Red
  • 17: Silver Crest, Horizon Blue, Deep Down Blue, Ocean Rock Grey
  • 19: Emerald Sea, Sea Shell, Hushed Orchid, Sparkling Sky

I guess you're wondering about the price?
Shimmer Cubes cost $22 USD, £16 GBP and 249,- NOK.

Photos © The Body Shop