Sugarpill @#$%!

Back in 2012 Sugarpill launched a special limited edition eyeshadow exclusive to IMATS LA. I really wanted this eyeshadow in my collection, I already have all the other shades released from Sugarpill, but it seemed an impossible task. In mid-October it was also available on sugarpillshop.com for three days only. I jumped on it, and on All Hallow's Eve it was to be found in my mailbox! It's an absolutely gorgeous raspberry red with silver sparkles, and I just looove the name: @#$%!.

If you already own Love+ you might be good without this shade. Love+ is a matte true red, while @#$%! is a little bit lighter, reddish-pink and sparkly, but I adore it and would have wanted to be without. I'm certainly not regretting my purchase, only the fact that I didn't get two when I had the chance. Another little treasure added to my collection!

Sugarpill @#$%!

Sugarpill @#$%!

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah 2012


Gorgeousness from Sugarpill Cosmetics

As most of you know by now, I'm a real color junkie. I should actually start typing that with a capital C and J, you know. Not so long ago I came across another makeup brand which was completely new to me, called Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sadly I don't remember where I first came across these products, but the brand immediately caught my attention. Not only did it have the cutest logo ever - how do one resist a logo with a kitten? - and the colors were bright and bold. For some reason I decided not to purchase anything from Sugarpill at that time, but lately reviews and looks have kept popping up everywhere, and the colors are completely mesmerizing!

Yesterday I read a review by Julissa at Rebellious Makeup, and I was completely sold. Would you look at those swatches? So now I'm craving the two palettes "Sweetheart" and "Burning Heart", in addition to the matte black "Bulletproof" - that way I'll have a complete set of Sugarpill pressed eye shadows. I'm still not comfortable with loose shadows, so I decided to leave them alone even though the colors are gorgeous.

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Burning Heart & Sweetheart

Look at these palettes! Simply amazing. At first I was a little thrown off by the fact that these palettes are made of cardboard as opposed to plastic, but they are in fact magnetic and refillable which quickly made me change my mind about them. And they look so unique! Each palette comes with four shadows, and each shadows is a staggering 4 grams or .14 oz (M·A·C eye shadows 1.5 grams or .05 oz, while MUFE eye shadows are 2.5 grams or .08 oz) and to me that's good value for your money.

I'm sure some would say they would never ever wear bold colors like these out in public, at least not during daytime, but I love wearing makeup that really stands out, and I would have no problems wearing these. Bright colors make me happy!

Photos © Sugarpill Cosmetics