Such a Dark Diversion

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline Eye-Liner GelI've been waiting for M·A·C Stylishly Yours to launch online, and today it was finally available. Needless to say I did some shopping for myself, Fieran and Pinch - and now I'm all excited. The main goal of our haul was to get our hands on the new and gorgeous Fluidline called "Dark Diversion" (blackened plum). Such a fantastic color!

I also wanted to pick up a few more things from this collection, so I added three of the four pigments: "Follow Your Fancy" (bright coral with small pearl particle), "Madly Personal" (bright pink) and "New Fixation" (bright fuchsia red with soft pearl) to my cart - in addition to the new Fix+ Lavendar from M·A·C Cham-Pale, which was also launched today. I didn't really like this collection, so I didn't get anything but the Fix+ which is a nice-to-have product.

The last two days I've been spending going through my collection of M·A·C pigments, and I've found - to my horror - that I've got a fake one. A long time ago I bought four pigments off eBay from a seller who was said to be legit. I received my pigments and was quite happy with my purchase until I decided to post a picture on Specktra and ask whether or not these were authentic. At that time I didn't have a clue, and couldn't tell the good fakes from the authentic no matter how hard I tried, so when I received a reply telling me that at least two of my new pigments were fake I believed it.

One of the pigments in question was Chartreuse, a PRO pigment. Not so long ago I decided to buy myself a new one, since I don't intend to use a fake pigment on my face that could contain anything from poison to.. well, I don't know! Yesterday I swatched the two side by side on my hand since I thought they looked a little different in the jar, and what do you know.. the color was not the same. Now, I haven't seen Chartreuse before, so I don't really know what the color is supposed to look like - but where one was a little darker than the other, and a little more green, the other had a slight golden tint to it. Even though Chartreuse is described as a gold pearled chartreuse green, I firmly believe that the darkest one is authentic - and naturally, that was the one I had from before.

Such problems.. Wink

Photo courtesy of Temptalia