MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation

MAC Studio SculptEver since MAC released their new Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation I've been wanting to try it, but since I'm rather clueless to what color to choose I decided to refrain from buying it. MAC offers a tube of 40ml at the price of $28, which is a little too much to spend on something I don't know if I can even use.

I came across a sales thread on one of the forums I frequently visit not so long ago, where a French girl was selling part of her makeup collection. Among the items she offered I discovered a tube of MAC Studio Sculpt NC30, which I originally thought would be a couple of shades too light for my skin tone. Since her offer was half the price of a new tube I decided to go for it anyway, I really didn't mind that it had been used a couple of times. It's almost impossible to determine which color to buy directly from MAC when you're unable to try it on, as the colors show up completely different in real life compared to the color on the screen, but I figured I would probably have to choose a NC35 or maybe a NC37. Man, am I glad that I didn't order one or even both of them! The NC30 that I got from France was the perfect shade, I kid you not. OK, so I might want one shade darker for the summer, when I tend to get a little tanner, but during winter it'll work just perfect!

Update: OK, I'm officially confused. The MAC counter in Oslo were kind enough to send me some samples of Studio Sculpt in NC37 and NC40. The NC40 is clearly too dark for my natural complexion, though it might work well during summer. The NC37 seems to be the exact same color as my skin. Is it possible to match both NC30 and NC37 at the same time? Gah, so much for believing in fairies.

Photo © MAC Cosmetics