Storage for my treasures

Jewelery BoxIt ain't easy hanging on to a thought nowadays, but I finally remembered what I wanted to show you tonight. I've been wanting something to keep my jewelry in for a long time now, as mine are laying around all over. Over the years I've accumulated quite a few necklaces, pendants, earrings and stuff like that, and I always seem to be missing something. I was hoping to find some of it when I cleared out all the boxes from my house, but no luck. The Playboy pendant I bought in the US, my Whispering Dragon earring and my LotR ring are gone. Unfortunately I know there's a reason why I can't find them.. Some people should keep their thieving fingers to themselves, and learn something about integrity!

After searching high and low for a jewelry box with a lot of room, and preferably with a lock, I finally found one nice enough to seriously consider it. I just love this one! I haven't decided whether or not to get it yet, since it's made from wood it's kinda heavy and shipping might become expensive, but it's absolutely perfect for my use.

Jewelery BoxAs you can see it has six drawers in addition to the top compartment which can be locked. I'm not sure if the key locks the whole set of drawers or only the top compartment. The drawers themselves have inserts dividing them into smaller compartments. When you flip the side compartments out there's four hooks on each side for hanging necklaces and bracelets. On top there's seven ring rolls, and a full mirror. The whole jewelry box is 11" long, 7" wide and 15" high.

I have also been looking at another jewelry box which is practically the same as this one, but with four drawers instead of six - with the dimensions: 14" long, 7.25" wide and 12" high. I'm guessing they are pretty much the same size when it comes to storage, but I cannot decide on which one I like the most. I dunno. I might just have to flip a coin to decide on one of them!

Such a gorgeous little piece of furniture.