“I put a spell on you, ’cause you’re mine”

Jeg mente bestemt at jeg hadde skrevet et innlegg om de resterende tingene jeg kjøpte fra fjorårets vinterkolleksjon fra Make Up Store, men jeg kunne ikke finne det igjen. Jeg ble mildt sagt overrasket når jeg nå oppdaget at jeg ikke har postet innlegget, til tross for at det var ferdig skrevet med bilder og alt. Bedre sent enn aldri, her kommer innlegget.

You know, if you don't have anything to write about then go ahead and do something about it. You might remember one of my last haul posts? I did some damage over at Make Up Store when their newest collection Spellbound was launched. I wasn't able to pick up everything I wanted, so just as I predicted I went back to pick up a few more items.

«Spellbinding», the purple eyeshadow that hadn't arrived yet when I attended the member's evening, and the magical purple lipstick «Magic Spell» was on top of my list, but I also had a few more things on there. Gorgeous purpleness! Sanna over at Purity Beauty has some swatches of the three shades from Spellbound, and you can enjoy them here.

Make Up Store Magic Spell

Make Up Store Spellbinding

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Member Evening at Make Up Store

This Wednesday I attended the member's evening at Make Up Store Trondheim on the occasion of their new collection called Spellbound. Such an enticing name, no? When I discovered that most of the products in this launch was purple I knew it was going to become an expensive experience. Just as anticipated, I actually swiped my card three times before leaving the store! The awesome thing about these club evenings, apart from getting to spend time in my own little private heaven on Earth, is that there's always 20% off something - and this time it was 20% off everything.

Surprisingly enough I didn't purchase as many products from Spellbound as I had anticipated, but knowing myself.. that probably just means that I'll be going back sometime soon. It was with a severely heavy heart I turned my back on the gorgeous purple lipstick «Magic Spell», and even though I'm not really a lip gloss kinda girl I had a hard time leaving the new Gloss Lips in «Haze». Ugh. I have regrets. If I was going to choose between the three purple lip products, Maria recommended the new Lip Gloss Wand in «Blue Bell» - a gorgeous gloss that had me spellbound from the very first swatch. Pun intended. An excellent choice.

Make Up Store: Blue BellBlue Bell