Mr. Postman never fails me!

The last couple of days I've been feeling a little better, and I'm hoping it's going to last - although every time I dare to think the thought I go back to feeling lousy. I called my doctor for an appointment as I said I would, but I couldn't get one until December 13th. Oh well, I'm not on the verge of dying so I guess I can wait another three weeks.

Mr. Postman always knows how to cheer me up, so today he brought me no less than four packages for me to enjoy! The most important of the four was my Logitech Wireless Trackball M570, which I bought to see whether or not it'll make a difference for my shoulder, and then also my neck. I've been suspecting that my shoulder's hurting because of my extensive use of a computer mouse, and that the pain continues up into my neck. Hopefully I'll get accustomed to using a trackball again soon, because at the moment it's pretty much impossible to use for precision work like photo editing.

The remaining three packages were not as important, but equally fun! When I opened up the first package I found two NARS eyeshadow duos in Cheyenne and Wicked. If you ask me NARS eyeshadow duos are way too expensive, but I chose to get these mainly because I wanted to when Sephora recently had a $10 each offer on them. I didn't bother using a personal shopper service for only $20, so I decided to get them off eBay for $14.95 each instead - pretty OK price for a NARS eyeshadow duo, if you ask me. Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed in Wicked, it being a lot lighter than I imagined. Cheyenne on the other hand is really nice!

NARS: Cheyenne

NARS: Wicked

In the second package I found four M·A·C pigments in Chartreuse, Golden Olive, Cornflower and Violet which I bought through Specktra. I really enjoy plowing through the clearance bin on Specktra, buying items like eyeshadows and pigments from collectors. Genius when it comes to pigments, especially if you prefer them in the old original jars, like I do.

And from the last one I pulled out a .925 Sterling Silver necklace personalized with my name. I absolutely love it, even though I'm one of those girls who can't stand Sex and the City where these personalized necklaces gained popularity because of the one "Carrie" wore. Oh well, I don't really care. Mine says "Shamini" and I adore it!

The image of NARS Wicked has been flipped for design purposes
Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '10


M·A·C for Playboy 2003

MAC Cosmetics: Bunny PinkIn light of my recent post about this adorable bunny jacket, I find it very fitting to be talking about my newest treasure, a M·A·C for Playboy lipstick in "Bunny Pink" (clean mid-tone pink). M·A·C collaborated with Playboy long time ago, long before I discovered what was to become my absolute favorite makeup brand, but ever since I read a post on Specktra regarding a haul done by a Danish girl, I've been lemming these items. It's extremely difficult to find information about this collection, but it seems like it consisted of only two items: the lipstick in "Bunny Pink", and a glitter cream in "Playmate Pink". Apparently a similar collection was released exclusively to Asia in 2004 with three other items: two lipsticks in "Centerfold" and "Pinkmate", and a glitter cream in "Bunnysheen".

I don't have any hopes of getting my hands on the rest of these items, I know that Danish girl paid a lot of money for hers and I'm don't want them that much, so I'm happy with my one gorgeous lipstick. Maybe M·A·C will do another collaboration with Playboy some time soon? If that happens I'll be first in line to grab me a full set of product from this collection.

Photo © Temptalia


M·A·C additions

I have to feed my urges as a makeup addict from time to time, and Specktra is the perfect place for fulfilling those needs. When you've become a regular poster you'll gain access to the "Clearance Bin", a section of the forum used for swapping and selling. Here you're able to find items that are DC or LE, items that are HTF and items that for some reason are just popular and therefore difficult to get your hands on. Some items are expensive enough, while others can be a real bargain! A couple of weeks ago I purchased some eyeshadows from another user there, and since they were used refills and depots, they came wrapped securely in paper tissue. I didn't unwrap them straight away because none of my precious M·A·C palettes had any free space, so I decided to wait until I had bought another palette to put them in. Today I got the chance to free up a palette and I carefully unwrapped them one by one, and I was surprised but the wonderful colors! Most of them are LE shades in the finishes Lustre, Frost and Veluxe Pearl.

  • Au Contraire LE (frost)
  • D'Bohemia LE (lustre)
  • Honey Lust (lustre)
  • Idol Eyes (lustre)
  • Leisuretime LE (veluxe pearl)
  • Orange Tangent LE (frost)
  • Sweeten Up LE (frost)

I'm not sure that I like the texture on all of these shadows, but the colors are amazing! I can hardly wait to do a look with Leisuretime and Au Contraire together as I simply love purples, and I'm anxious to see if the four pinkish-orange shades will show up on my skin tone. Idol Eyes is hated by some and loved by others, and I'm not quite sure what I think yet. The color is a nice light purplish-gray, but the texture seems difficult to work with. Honey Lust is a gorgeous bronze-dipped peach color, and will look great paired with brown as a splash of color to a neutral eye. I'm very happy with this purchase, and updates on them will follow!

* DC = Discontinued, LE = Limited Edition, HTF = Hard to Find