Treasures from Illamasqua

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Illamasqua, I think I say that every time I blog about them, but it's true. When I received my last package from them containing items from Theatre of the Nameless, I knew I had to order a few more items. From that collection I decided on the Pure Pigment in "Berber", mainly because it's somewhat of an unique color, their Precision Ink in "Havoc" - everyone needs an aubergine eyeliner - and false lashes called "Grandeur". I won't say I'm disappointed in these lashes, as I really do like them, but they don't really look like the ones depicted at Illamasqua? In addition to these items I also ordered two Medium Pencils in "Vow" and "S.O.P.H.I.E.", and a nail polish in "Raindrops". It's such a dreamy color. Reminds me of those childhood days spent indoors looking out on the rain running down the window. Brings back memories.

The S.O.P.H.I.E. pencil is a special item from Illamasqua. It's a black Medium Pencil named in honor of Sophie Lancaster, and £3 from every purchase will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. If you don't know who Sophie Lancaster was, please take the time to read this - it's such a sad story. Help raise awareness!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11