It’s snowing..

Guess what happened yesterday? It snowed. It friggin' snowed! On October 20th. I know that lots and lots of people out there are cheering loudly when the very first snow hits the ground, and even louder when it's cold enough to prevent it from instantly melting away, but I only feel like crying. Sure, if I hate winter that much I should just move to another climate, but seriously.. I don't have the funds for such an escapade. I wish I did though, I really wouldn't think twice about moving closer to the beautiful Mediterranean. Winter brings me nothing positive.

Anyway, at least one in our little family is apparently finding the snow both exciting and fascinating. Yep, that little one is Cuda! He had his very first experience with the cold snow out on our porch yesterday morning, luckily Øyvind got the moment on film. He's so cute! Cuda is the most loving, trusting little being and he's incredibly confident. He's not afraid of anything, and everything can (and will) be conquered - including this cold, wet and strange substance that suddenly appeared out of nothing!