Max Factor Smoky Eyes Effect

Yesterday I ventured outside for the first time in a while. I didn't have an agenda, but I felt like getting out of the house for a few minutes. I went to VITA to check out those new Max Factor Smoky Eyes Effect "crayons" which had tickled my curiosity a little after seeing the commercial several times, and I picked up five of the six colors. Sometimes it's nice to branch out a little, and Max Factor will always be my favorite brand when it comes to mascara. It was quite clear to me which one was the most popular, because I went to three stores before I found one single, unused "Onyx Smoke". I have no idea if these will be any good at all, but I wanted to give them a shot. To be honest I suspect they'll crease a bit on their own, but time will show - I'll use them with a primer underneath.

Max Factor Smoky Eyes EffectOnyx Smoke, Silver Storm, Indigo Mist, Bronze Haze, Purple Dust

After arriving home I unfortunately discovered that one of them had been opened, despite of my efforts to ensure that all of them were sealed, and the "crayon" on one side was broken in half. Made me immensely mad, why can't people just stick the hell to the testers instead of pawing on the ones for sale? I don't appreciate buying beauty products that someone else has put their fingers into, and I sure as hell don't want to use them on my face. I just hope I'm able to exchange it for a new one, returning makeup is always a tricky one. I've tried at least two times without success, when I've been dumb enough to purchase brown mascara instead of my regular black one. Yep, at least two times. Thankfully I was able to return it today, and now I have a brand new and unused one.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11