Shoe Shopping

Falkanger: model 132I wasn't really planning on going shopping today, but somehow I suddenly found myself at Falkanger Sko AS where I discovered these gorgeous booties. Well, there's usually no harm in looking, but last fall I was desperately looking for a nice pair of booties, exactly like these ones, so how could I leave them behind? I couldn't. Epic fail.

But the truth is that I absolutely love them! Trust me, they look a lot better in real life than in the picture. I got them in size 36 (3½ US), and they look so cute on my foot - perfect to wear with just about anything, and without having to endure any pain in the process. Anyone who's been wearing heels one time or another knows that it can be quite painful, and I can't say I disagree (even though I don't actually walk on them). Sneakers are nice, but not always fitting if you're wearing a nice dress or maybe a cute skirt, and I'm quite picky when it comes to shoes and boots.

Apart from my new booties, Mr. Postman came knocking as well. He brought me a small package from the US containing two nail polishes: Sephora by OPI Iris I Was Thinner (medium iris purple) and essie® Midnight Cami (shimmering deep twilight blue) - two absolutely gorgeous colors! I'm hoping he'll be back with more packages the following days - I'm still waiting for my two prizes from Sleek MakeUP, and a few other goodies I've ordered for myself to celebrate something I'll tell you about very soon. I'm also expecting Mr. DHL to come by sometime during next week, and I know someone who'll be extremely happy to receive a few of the treasures he's bearing - apart from myself of course!

I wonder if maybe a collective M·A·C haul post is coming up? Grin

Photo © Falkanger Sko AS


Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

OPI by Sephora Metro ChicOne of the popular nail polish colors nowadays is Sephora by O·P·I "Metro Chic". As the name implies it's sold only at Sephora, and therefore not available to a lot of us. Thankfully there are a few other options like eBay, a CP* or even using a redirecting service offering some kind of "personal shopper" like MyUS or other similar companies. I've been watching a few YouTube videos where this nail polish has been mentioned several times as a must-have color, but I never thought it would be a color for me. Sephora describes it as a "dark smoke with a hint of purple", and it's categorized as a gray color. To me it's a lot more taupe, with a purplish undertone, and I really like it.

Last week I got a sample bottle of CND "Cinch My Corset" from a very sweet girl on the Wave. She had gotten the sample with an order, tried it and decided that she didn't want it herself. Her description of the color was that it looked like diarrhea. Not a very flattering description at all, but something made me wonder if a taupe color like that would look good with my complexion, so I asked her if I could have it. Just a couple of days later it arrived in my mailbox, and naturally I had to swatch it immediately. I instantly had to disagree with the somewhat amusing description, because it didn't look like diarrhea at all! It's a lot less purplish than "Metro Chic", and reminds me slightly of milk chocolate.

I had no other choice but to go ahead and add another bottle of nail polish to my collection, the gorgeous CND "Cinch My Corset" in full size. Thank heavens for eBay, I say! I'll be adding some photos of these two colors shortly, also with a small description of each brand and how they apply.

Photo from Google