Karpe Diem at Samfundet!

We haven't been to a concert for a really long time now, not like when I first moved here and we went to see just about everything, but when Karpe Diem was scheduled to come play at Samfundet I just had to buy tickets. I was a little skeptical since I haven't had the best experience with Samfundet, but this time the entrance had been cleared, the elevator was reachable, and they let us in before anyone else. Perfect!

I wanted to sit in front, up close like I've done several times before, but naturally this time I wasn't allowed - due to security. Sure, I understand, but when I pay good money (the same as everyone else) I expect to be able to actually see the concert. I'm not one who sits down quietly if I feel like I'm treated unfair, so it all ended in a slightly heated discussion with the head of security. After a little back and forth they decided to open up the barricades and place me on the inside. Genius! I had to promise to sit still, because once inside of the barricades they wouldn't let me back out until the concert was over. Fine. No problem. So I sat right below the stage, and even though it wasn't straight in front of the boys, I definitely had the best seat of all.

Karpe Diem at Samfundet Karpe Diem at Samfundet
Karpe Diem at Samfundet Karpe Diem at Samfundet

Stupid as I am I assumed it wasn't allowed to take any pictures so I didn't bring my camera, but apparently there was no restrictions at all. Bah, at least we both had our iPhones at hand. I must admit I was a little starstruck when Chirag nodded and smiled at me. *sigh* Almost made me feel like I was one of the teenage girls. Wink

Anyway, the concert was great and I hope they decide to come back again soon. I know I'll be there!

Photos © Øyvind H. & Shamini Thevarajah '10