First Impressions: Rock & Republic

Mr. Postman came by with a package for me today! You see, flyavsted had a nice blog sale going on, and when I saw her selling some of her Rock & Republic eyeshadows I contacted her immediately to get my hands on them. I've seen them on HauteLook several times, but I never got around to it - and now the brand seems to have phased out their makeup line. I seriously need to stop procrastinating when I see something I like!

Initial thoughts

I love the look of the packaging. It'a really posh, sophisticated - but when you get it in your hand it feels a bit cheaper. It's too light, if you know what I mean. It looks like metal, feels like plastic, and it left me feeling a little cheated. I didn't like the way they open and close, it doesn't click shut so it might be problematic to keep them in a purse or a makeup bag. I keep mine in a drawer on my desk, so that won't be a problem for me though. flyavsted told me they didn't swatch very well, but said they behave quite nicely when applied with a brush.

  • "Asphalt" - matte warm (brown) grey
  • "Electric" - luminous, glowing blue
  • "Brink" - gold/green/blue (reflects and changes color)
  • "Wicked" - matte dark purple-brown
  • "Paranoid" - matte fuchsia

Rock and Republic Eyeshadow

Keep in mind, I swatched them lightly with a finger and without a primer or a base. I'm not the experienced swatcher either. "Paranoid" and "Brink" are the two that surprised me the most as they swatched beautifully, while "Asphalt" and "Electric" were the most disappointing of the bunch, with poor pigmentation. "Wicked" is somewhere in-between. I'm not really surprised as I'm very picky about my mattes, and swear by my M·A·C ones. With that said I'm really looking forward to testing them out in a look, with a primer and proper application with a brush. I'll keep you posted!

My favorite of the bunch? "Brink".

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '12