Mr. Postman is back on track!

I almost didn't believe my ears when Øyvind told me that Mr. Postman had left a package for me today. It was from one of my all-time favorite sellers on eBay, containing some items from M·A·C Spring Colour Forecast and Give Me Liberty of London. I got "Shell Pearl" (pale peach with gold pearl) beauty powder, "Ever Hip" (creamy light coral) and "Bubblegum" (light lavender pink) lipsticks, "Lavender Wind" (lavender with pearl) and "A Different Groove" (deep purple brown with pearl) lipglass. I didn't order that last one, but it had somehow been mistaken as "Perennial High Style" - everyone can make mistakes and I'm quite sure the seller will fix this for me. I bought these items on April 21st, and got an e-mail telling me that they had been shipped on April 22nd.

While I was writing this I actually got an e-mail from the seller, and everything has been taken care of. I'll get my "Perennial High Style" as promised. One of eBay's finest indeed!

Last Tuesday I wrote about my long awaited shipment from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which arrived looking like someone had chewed it up and spit it out. I e-mailed customer service to inform them of the damage (with pictures), and they were kind enough to send me a replacement. It was shipped by DHL on April 21st, and I was told that it should reach me within a week. Only five working days later (April 26th), Mr. DHL rang to deliver a brand new, flawless 6-Element Essential Brow Set. Amazing! And a huge thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills for replacing the brow set.

Don't you just love it when everything runs smoothly? Grin