Interior blogging now?

This is me pulling a stunt, I'm trying out interior blogging! We've been talking about refurbishing our bedroom for a while now, and during the holidays we finally got around to starting on our project. We decided to paint the entire room, walls and ceiling, adding trims along the ceiling and new ones around the doors. Originally everything was painted "white", or as it turned out: a yellowish eggshell. We kept the floor, oak wood floors, painted the ceiling and trims in a matte "Classic White" and chose "Macchiato" for the walls. Unfortunately the color doesn't show up anywhere near true on the photos below, but it's like a light caffè latte as shown on the paint chip above. My Canon DSLR utterly sucks, and the warm lighting in the room makes the walls look grayish.. ugh. We're really happy with the actual color, it's warm and cosy without being too dark. To make the room look as neat and tidy as possible we kept the white details throughout the entire room, like the white computer desk, the white closets, the white makeup chest and the white bed.