Tragus piercing

Piercing: Tragus and LobeI don't know if you remember me talking about getting another piercing? I wanted to pierce my tragus, but decided to wait until my helix had healed properly before forcing my body to work overtime on healing several wounds at the same time. Now, I finally decided that my helix had healed enough since it's been a little more than 8 months, so at 5:30 PM I had another appointment at Ragnaråkk.

So today I got my tragus, and I love it! I'll be honest and say that it hurt like a [insert word] when she pushed the needle through, a lot worse than the helix. At the moment I'm wearing a regular labret, but I'll go back and change it into a ring when it's healed after about 6-8 weeks. It's a 16 gauge (1.2mm) as opposed to my other ones which are 14 gauge (1.6mm). I feel kinda stupid because I managed to forget - how's that even possible? - to tell her what sizes I wanted, but it seems like it worked out perfectly anyway.

You might also notice that I have another new piercing? I decided to get a third and last hole in my right lobe. I know it looks kinda messy at the moment, but it'll look better once they're all healed, and I can change my jewelery into something less generic and more ..matching? My plan is to have identical rings in the second and third hole of my lobe, and something special in the first. I'll change my helix jewelery into a ring or a straight barbell, and then wear a tiny ring in my tragus.

And with those two piercings I'm all done. Wink

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11


Entering the Pink Phase!

I don't shop for clothes very often, but some times I find something special that really catches my eye. Like these two items. The funny thing is that I hate the color pink. Cannot stand it. I know pink is a color that looks good on me, but I've spent most of my years as an adult trying my best to avoid owning anything pink. I think I own a few pairs of pink socks, a pink (and black) pajamas, possibly a pink long-sleeve and some pink makeup - oh, and I almost forgot my Clarisonic Mia of course, but that was to support a good cause. I can't think of anything else. But then I found these two jackets, and I had to have them both.

I'm not gonna start a discussion here, we're all entitled to have our own opinions, but I'm a little bit disappointed in the fact that the pink jacket is a non-leather jacket. I mean, I wish it was leather - but on the other hand it cost me 199,- NOK (about $33 with today's exchange rate) from Ellos, which is totally OK. I'm on the constant lookout for cropped jackets, my absolute favorite, since they're easy to put on, nice to wear and they don't end up in annoying folds behind my back. And out of six colors I picked.. yep, you guessed it: pink.

Then today I came across pictures posted on Facebook by Ragnaråkk of some of their newly arrived merchandise, and among them I found the Cupcake Cult hoodie. What can be better than a cool hoodie with both a voodoo bunny and a cupcake? I just hope it's as comfy as my Iron Fist hoodie. I e-mailed them immediately and asked them to hold it for me, so I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Awesome! I'm already picturing an outfit with the hoodie, the pink jacket and maybe my favorite Legsley Holes from Never Denim? Naturally topped off with some fierce makeup.

Yay! Grin

Photo: JSFN Pink Jacket © Ellos
Photo: Cupcake Cult Hoodie © Ragnar√•kk


Oh, how I luv you Bunny!

Poizen Industries: Luv BunnyI think I might need someone to smack me! I've been sitting here for at about two hours now, just browsing websites offering alternative clothing - or what some people might call "emo clothing". Personally I don't have a specific style, but I always envy those who have have a style and the passion to wear it all the way. I did fall in love with another hoodie, and this one is called "Luv Bunny". C'mon. It's got my name written all over it, can't you see?

I wouldn't be too surprised if it suddenly appeared to be stuck in my mailbox some time next week. Grin

Ragnaråkk, where I got both my piercings, celebrated their 6th birthday today with cakes and sparkling drinks - and a 30% sale on everything in the shop! I was planning on heading over there to pick up a bag and a hoodie I kinda wanted to get the last time I was there, but my neck has been bugging me severely the last couple of days so I decided to just relax at home instead. But since I'm blessed with such a loving boyfriend, he volunteered to go to Ragnaråkk for me, I now have both an Iron Fist-hoodie and a immensely cool handbag (with a skull) from Living Dead Souls in my possession.

Photo courtesy of Google


.. with a cherry on top!

Lobe PiercingI've been a little sneaky lately, because at 5:30 PM today I got my second piercing! This time I chose to get my right lobe pierced, and with a super cute little cherry. I did plan on getting a 16 gauge (1.2mm) once again, but ended up with another 14 gauge (1.6mm). Details, details. I love my little cherry! I was a little unsure whether or not I should get a tragus, but I decided to wait until my first cartilage piercing has healed completely.

No pain this time around either. Of course it was a little uncomfortable when she poked me with a 1.6mm needle, but no worse than.. I dunno, not bad at all.

So if you're in Trondheim and in search of a parlor you can get pierced, I can absolutely recommend visiting Ragnaråkk! Grin