Makeup Collection: Lipsticks #1

MAC lipsticksVegas Volt, Colour Me Coral, Viva Glam Cyndi, Made to Order, Dressmaker Dressmaker

MAC lipsticksSmoked Purple, Lavender Whip, Up the Amp, Bubblegum, Blooming Lovely

I wanted to start a little series called "Makeup Collection". I guess it should have been called "M·A·C Collection", but even though I'm not afraid to admit that I own mostly products from M·A·C, I do have products from other brands as well. I'm not sure how this series will turn out, but I was really pleased with the pictures from my "Paris Haul of Lipsticks", and wanted to repeat the success.

I therefore decided to take some new pictures of my lipsticks, and post them here for you to see. I haven't done any swatches, and I'm don't think I will - there are already so many good swatches out there on the Internet. If you see a lipstick you like and want to see swatches, either do a search in Google - "lipstick name swatch" is a good start - or ask me if I can provide you with one. I'll do the same with my palettes when I'm done organizing them for those of you who are interested in a little peak into my collection.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. Smile

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '10