IsaDora Coral Glow and Mandarine

Speaking of IsaDora and their #wonderfulwednesday; I was actually one of the winners in their twitter contest last Wednesday! Mr. Postman dropped it off yesterday, and when I ripped open the bubble mailer I found a lipstick, a gloss and a lip liner inside - one of the two lip sets from their new upcoming summer 2012 collection Papagayo.

  • Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 163 Coral Glow
  • Moisturizing Lip Gloss in 14 Coral Glow
  • Perfect Lipliner in 32 Mandarine

IsaDora Papagayo 2012

I love the colors of these three products, and I'm so grateful that they sent me the Coral Glow as opposed to Tropical Pink! I'm not too big on pink, but corals on the other hand are usually love at first sight with me, and this was no exception. Now if only the sun could come out from behind the clouds and grant us with some warmth, and spring would decide come along and stick around before magically transforming into summer!

A great big thanks to @isadoraglobal for having these contest for their followers!

Want to see swatches?
Sanna over at Purity has some awesome swatches of the lipstick, gloss and lipliner - and what Sanna does so good, I'm not going to attempt to recreate.

And if you're keen on exploring the rest of this collection, well then.. take a look here.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012


Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipsticks

Sleek MakeUP True Colour LipsticksLiqueur · Peaches & Cream · Coral Reef · Papaya Punch · Stiletto
Sleek MakeUP True Colour LipsticksBaby Doll · Barely There · Amped · Fuchsia · Mystic

So here's the pictures of the lipsticks I received in the prize from Sleek MakeUP, just like I promised yesterday. I also swatched them, click HERE to have a look. I still like these lipsticks a lot. They are very soft, very pigmented and I like most of the colors, but.. and there is a but.. the mattes are quite difficult to swatch. These are a bit harder and the swaches look kinda chalky, if you can even say that about a lipstick. I didn't think of this as an issue when I swatched them on my hand the first time around, but when swatching them on my arm they felt different. Maybe the body heat is different on the hand, and when warmed up a little they are better to work with?

Favorite colors:
• Peaches & Cream
• Coral Reef / Papaya Punch
• Fuchsia

If I've tickled your curiosity, you can order which ever shades you'd like from Sleek MakeUP. They are €7.00, or about 54,- NOK, a piece, and shipping to Norway is €9.00 which is about 70,- NOK with today's exchange rate.

Want swatches?
Click HERE.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11


Prizes from Sleek MakeUP

Remember I told you about the Sleek MakeUP contest on Facebook back in the beginning of June? I started to worry since I hadn't received them yet, but today Mr. Postman left them at the post office for me! Way to make my Friday a lot better. Awesomeness! Grin

I was really anxious when I ripped it open to see which ten True Colour lipstick shades Sleek had picked out for me, but I loved the gorgeous selection of colors I received, both mattes and sheens. I already had two of them, but that's quite alright - they'll make perfect little gifts for someone who's just as fond of peachy corals as I am.

In addition to the lipsticks my box o' prizes also held the whole limited edition Mediterranean collection (consisting of a palette, a Pout Polish and a blush), and their new Luminaire Highlighting Concealer (which I failed to include in my pictures). I'll show more of the i-Divine palette in a separate post later. You can see swatches of all three Mediterranean items at Killer Colours!

If you ever get the chance to participate in Sleek's contests either on Twitter or Facebook, then give it your best attempt, cross your fingers and hope for an awesome prize! If Lady Luck seems to be absent you can always order whatever your heart desires from Sleek MakeUP. Hurrah!


Summer Time Lucky 56!

Sleek MakeUP Summer Time Lucky 56 ContestI've become a big fan of Sleek MakeUP and I'm following them on Twitter and Facebook. I've participated in several contests (where I've won both a complete set of palettes and a pair of eye liners), and yesterday I decided to participate in another one. I love these contests, and it's so much fun to actually have a fair chance at winning something! The main prize in this particular contest was a pink flip video camcorder, in addition to a bunch of free makeup products, but I felt like it would be better to aim at being no. 1-9.

My post ended up as the 2nd entry and my prize was 10 shades of their new True Colour Lipsticks (selected by them), one shade of my choice in Luminaire Highlighting Concealer and the entire limited edition Mediterranean collection consisting of an i-Divine palette in "Monaco", a Lip Pout in "Monte Carlo" and a blush in "Santorini". The official release date for this collection is June 8th, but in the meantime you can enjoy swatches at Do Not Refreeze.

Now I have even more to look forward to! Please Mr. Postman, hurry up. Grin