Sigma® Premium Travel Kit

Sigma Premium Travel KitWhen Sigma® just released their brand new travel kit, this time with seven luxurious and functional brushes from the regular Premium Kit, only in travel size, I didn't hesitate a second before ordering it. Genius! I adore all my Sigma® brushes, and I have accumulated a nice collection ever since I discovered the brand (see below).

So how could I let this new kit pass me by? I couldn't. Sigma® offers the kit in four different colors: Black, Silver, Hot Pink and Pale Pink. Since I already have the regular travel kit in black, I chose black for the premium kit as well.

Many people would probably ask themselves what one would need such an amount of brushes for, and my answer is simple: different brushes for different purposes! I do have to point out that the three brushes I simply cannot live without is E55, E40 and E30 which is equivalent to M·A·C 239, 224 and 219, in that order. These brushes can be found in the original travel kit, or as individual brushes. In this premium kit I'm extra excited about E50 and the E45, and I love how Sigma® always include the travel size version of their E25 which is equivalent to M·A·C 217.

• F25 Tapered Face Brush
• F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush
• F65 Large Concealer Brush
• E50 Large Fluff Brush
• E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush
• E20 Short Shader Brush
• E10 Small Eye Liner Brush

+ a complimentary E25 Blending Brush

I also think it's very convenient and easy to bring these cute travel kits with me when I'm going somewhere instead of the regular long-handled brushes. Not only do they take up less space, but the bristles are always protected when I keep them safe in their little pouch. There's also a pocket inside the lid which closes with a zipper, very convenient!

I don't use my glasses anymore, but I'm very nearsighted and use contacts. I still need my mirror close to my face when I'm doing my makeup, and prefer these short-handled brushes. So much easier to maneuver!

It's yet another wonderful brush kit from Sigma®, and if you want a nice set of short-handled brushes of good quality I'd recommend getting these. If you're looking for more basic brushes I'd choose the original Travel Kit first, and expand if you like it.

Get your Premium Travel Kit today!

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