M·A·C for Playboy 2003

MAC Cosmetics: Bunny PinkIn light of my recent post about this adorable bunny jacket, I find it very fitting to be talking about my newest treasure, a M·A·C for Playboy lipstick in "Bunny Pink" (clean mid-tone pink). M·A·C collaborated with Playboy long time ago, long before I discovered what was to become my absolute favorite makeup brand, but ever since I read a post on Specktra regarding a haul done by a Danish girl, I've been lemming these items. It's extremely difficult to find information about this collection, but it seems like it consisted of only two items: the lipstick in "Bunny Pink", and a glitter cream in "Playmate Pink". Apparently a similar collection was released exclusively to Asia in 2004 with three other items: two lipsticks in "Centerfold" and "Pinkmate", and a glitter cream in "Bunnysheen".

I don't have any hopes of getting my hands on the rest of these items, I know that Danish girl paid a lot of money for hers and I'm don't want them that much, so I'm happy with my one gorgeous lipstick. Maybe M·A·C will do another collaboration with Playboy some time soon? If that happens I'll be first in line to grab me a full set of product from this collection.

Photo © Temptalia