Foxy Fix vs ChicSparrow

So now I'm gonna write a completely different post for a change, and in English even. I haven't lost my knack for planners yet, even though I haven't been too good at using my planner lately. You know, I have a substantial collection of both Filofaxes and Gillios, currently with a slim medium/personal sized Gillio in Yellow in use. I love it, but I can't seem to find the peace needed to sit down and keep it up to date.

Anyway, I've never been into these ringless traveler's notebooks, but I suddently felt the urge to venture off into another adventure. So I was drawn to the Foxy Fix notebooks because of the reinforced spine, it made it look so bulky and delightfully thick, and the Le Voyageur leather (in Sandstorm) looked amazing. I just love distressed leather. However, I didn't realise the thickness of this particular leather, and I think I might have done something foolish by ordering one. Hopefully it's not too heavy, or else I'll have to part with it again.

Then, because there's always a then, I kinda figured I wanted to check out a similar one from ChicSparrow and ended up choosing a Mr. Darcy in Toffee. The color, the way it's easily scuffed and marked, the stitching and the floppiness to it lured me in. I do wish it had that reinforced spine, but hey, a girl can't have everything. I even smirked a little when I ordered it inscribed with «Charlie».

I will absolutely write an update when I have received my two new planners, and I hope I'll like them as much as I think. I don't plan on switching out my ringed planner, but it's always fun to discover new things and see what the fuss is all about.

My first Chic Sparrow was shipped on 9/1, and it finally arrived at my post office tonight. My Foxy Fix was shipped on 9/6, and I still have no idea where it is. My second Chic Sparrow was shipped on 9/11, and this is the one I'm most excited about.

Photo: ChicSparrow Mr. Darcy in Toffee © ChicSparrow


Kalendersider for 2017

Back to the drawing board, or so to speak. Jeg tweaker stadig kalendersidene mine, for jeg blir liksom ikke helt fornøyd. Jeg vet ikke hva som mangler, eller hva jeg egentlig vil ha, men jeg er ikke fornøyd med dem som de er per akkurat nå. Jeg har jo som sagt søkt på skole, så jeg tenker at jeg må ha en plass i kalenderen min til forelesninger, oppgaver og slike ting, litt adskilt fra personlige notater og avtaler.

Jeg vet ikke helt hva jeg tenker om det linjerte feltet i starten av hver uke, om jeg skal bruke det som en ukesoppsummering, en slags oversikt over hva som er viktig for kommende uke, eller noe helt annet - men jeg brukte ikke feltet som det var, og da var det jo helt meningsløst. De tre feltene på høyre side er fremdeles der for å gjøre notat av hvem som er på jobb til hvilke vakter. Noen idéer til hva jeg mangler, burde hatt, ikke trenger?

I dag la jeg inn en bestilling hos JetPens.com, selv om jeg fremdeles har shoppestopp (har vært flink da, ikke shoppa noe på kjempelenge), for jeg vil ha en fyllepenn igjen. Valget falt på en Pilot Prera Clear med medium kalligrafi-splitt, og så tok jeg med to ulike farger blekk fra J. Herbin (Gris Nuage og Ambre de Birmanie). Jeg er supersær når det kommer til pennene mine, så jeg valgte denne på bakgrunn av gode anmeldelser og at den var blant de billigere alternativene.

Dessuten hadde fantastiske Line fra Linou's Pots lagd whiskey-klistremerker til meg, som jeg har planer om å bruke når jeg har vært på byen. Hvorfor? Fordi jeg kan, og fordi de ble helt vanvittig kule! Jeg bestilte også et ark med blå drinker, som skulle forestille blåbærvodka og curaçao, og hun kunne virkelig ikke designet dem bedre. Elsk! Så.. tilbake til shoppestopp, og en ellers kjedelig hverdag uten besøk fra Hr. Postmann.

Photo(s) © Shamini Thevarajah 2017


Selling inserts on Etsy

Remember I talked about designing my own inserts? I finally ended up with some undated inserts that I felt comfortable with, suiting my needs, and I kinda stuck with them. I did change them a little since I wrote the post, I added the month in a font I like, and tweaked them a little bit, but you get the idea. In addition I also made a pull-out monthly overview (which I haven't used once), an expense tracker (mainly to be able to visually see how I'm wasting money, and how much - honestly a pretty depressing insert), an online shopping tracker, and a yearly insert for tracking birthdays and urgent dates.

I also went ahead and designed simple inserts for the pocket size, and then for the A6 (which turned out to be my favorite so far). A good friend asked if I would design some inserts for the A5, so that's next on my list even though I don't use the A5 myself.

Then I started toying with the thought of opening up an Etsy store, because maybe, just maybe, some other planner nerd out there would like my inserts as much as I do? Then a woman in one of the Facebook groups asked for a certain type of inserts, and I figured I could just make them for her. So I did, they turned out quite nice, and as she asked how much I wanted for them I put them up for sale for $3 (or 25 NOK to be exact). She purchased them the very next day, and I almost squealed when I suddenly had a second customer pick them up as well! I haven't listed many of my inserts yet, but I will. It won't make me a millionaire, but it's fun to be appreciated.

Interested in following my humble Etsy store?
Go search for DysfunksjonellDesign (or click here).


Gillio Medium Compagna in Epoca Orange

I'm seriously thinking about making this a blog about obsessions, because I suffer from all kinds of them. This Filofax obsession turned into a stationery obsession, which turned into a general planner obsession, and these days I just seem to be obsessed with ..whisky. And boys.

Another current obsession worth mentioning is my precious Gillio(s). I've been using my orange Slim Compagna since I received it exactly two months ago today. I wasn't sure I'd like the Slim, as it only has 15mm rings and I'm a certified insert hoarder, but I like that it's light, easy to write in without having to remove my pages first, and I'm actually unable to clutter it up with useless inserts, stickers and sticky notes. I'm not usually a very big fan of orange, but Sir Ludo - which I just realized I haven't even mentioned before - made me fall in love with the color. And Gillio. I'll talk about Sir Ludo later. Since I've also come to the realization that naming one's planner is borderline insanity I haven't named my Slim, and keep calling it ..«it».

Gillio Medium Compagna

I've now talked myself into another dazzling confusion, and no longer have any idea why I started this post, apart from it having something to do with my Slim Compagna. I know that much. And I think it might have had something to do with stamps as well.

Let's talk about Sir Ludo instead, shan't we? The story behind this purchase is rather long, but to make it shorter I purchased it pre-loved from a woman through Facebook. It was love at first glance, and I dubbed it Sir Ludo. The color is gorgeous, the texture on this specific planner reminds me so much of a luscious orange, the fruit I mean – which is also the color of this epoca leather, and I love the fact that any scratches can be rubbed out using only your fingers. This type of leather also develops a very nice, shiny patina from frequent use, which is very much desired buy all Gillionaires out there – and to be quite honest, these are the only planners I’d rather purchase pre-loved than new just because they age amazingly.

So there you have it. My current obsessions.

Photo(s) © Shamini Thevarajah 2015