IMATS London 2012

Sadly, another awesome day filled with makeup, wonder and fantastic people is over. I was sad to leave Alexandra Palace for the last time, knowing that the IMATS adventure of 2012 was already over. My London adventure isn't quite over yet, and I hope I'll get the opportunity to come back for IMATS 2013. It's been an exciting, fun, overwhelming, exhausting and just.. amazing weekend I'll keep close to my heart, and never forget!

Today was a lot calmer than yesterday, surely because England experienced a "heavy" snowfall last night, causing quite a lot of traffic chaos. Trains weren't leaving their stations, buses didn't go up hills, cars had trouble making turns in general. Oddly enough they don't seem to be used to snow over here, and are all driving on summer tires. Thankfully we had no problems getting around, so getting to Ally Pally was a breeze. I didn't haul a lot, as I spent most of my money on yesterday's treasures, but it didn't make my day less eventful, on the contrary! First and foremost I had the pleasure of spending the day with my dearest Pinchypeach, who always brightens my day no matter what. Then I met Koren also known as EnKore on YouTube, Chirufus from Twitter, the darling Alex C. from Illamasqua (and I finally got to give her a hug), and a little later we "ran into" Nicola and Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo! Luckily we got to talk to them before everyone else discovered that they had arrived, and they were really wonderful. It's really strange meeting people like that, you feel like you've known them forever (just from watching all their videos or reading their blogs).

IMATS London 2012: EnKore

IMATS London 2012: Pixiwoo

IMATS London 2012: Chirufus

IMATS London 2012: Alex C. from Illamasqua

I don't know what it is, but I've been feeling really at home here. No one looks twice at me (the wheelchair), not even the children, and people are polite and helpful everywhere. In IMATS it felt amazing to be in an environment full of others sharing the same interest and passion for makeup as myself, as well as experiencing the talent of the students doing their projects and exploring the different brands and booths. IMATS London 2012 might be over, but it has been a fantastic weekend. And should you ever get the chance to attend, then go!