4th word: “Lights”

Okay, so it's December 4th and I've just come up with this idea. I started thinking about the "adjektivkalender" I had going for a few years, and I kinda miss doing it. I don't have anyone to feed me words or adjectives through December, so I thought I'd just pick a word to represent the previous day. For yesterday the word would have to be "lights", so that'll be the word of today. Let's try to keep this up, shall we?

So why "lights"? Well, I have been "remodeling" ever so slightly at home, trying to come up with a better solution for my whisky collection (it's not a collection per say, I just have a fair amount of bottles going on). I ended up with a Hemnes from IKEA, and we all know how much I hate IKEA, and I wanted to install lights inside of it for decoration, as I love lights and because it'll be easier to choose a bottle whenever I'm in need of a tipple. I ventured into an eletrical shop... and fell madly, deeply in love with the Philips Hue. Not only is it potentially multi-colored, it can also be controlled via an app. I mean, how cool isn't that? And since I'm one of these people who are prone to depression during these dark times of year, I can never get enough lights, right?

Sad thing is I want them everywhere now. Lights! Give me more lights!