MRI, piercings and Captain Jack Sparrow

I can't believe it's been 12 days since my last blog post, I'm ashamed. I haven't been up to anything special, but it's been a wonderful two weeks indeed. Last week I was unfortunately suffering from an excruciating headache for several days, and so I've been feeling both dizzy and nauseous again. Frustrating, but somehow I think I'm beginning to get used to it.. How sad isn't that?

I've back at the hospital for the MRI since the last time I wrote anything, but I don't have any results to share as of yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks. Having the MRI was an unusual experience. It was interesting, loud and noisy, fun and a bit claustrophobic. Not that I'm claustrophobic, but I do understand how some people freak out while inside the machine. The radiologist was very nice, and I had no problem staying still for the duration of the examination. In a way I'm hoping that the results will confirm a stroke, since that would explain why I suddenly got sick last fall - but on the other hand I think knowing that I actually had a stroke at 31 would be terrifying. No need to worry yet, I'll have to hear what the neurologist has to say first.

Apart from that I've been very effective lately. Since I had to remove my piercings before the MRI, I decided to take the opportunity to have the jewelery in my two most recent piercings changed and fitted. I was a little worried since my tragus seemed pretty unhealed still, but it turned out just fine. Now I'm wearing a standard 16g 8mm labret in my tragus, and a 14g 6mm labret in my lobe. The plan is still to exchange the labret for a tiny little ring, but I'll leave it alone until it's fully healed now that I'm wearing the correct size of jewelery. The following day, Thursday, I went back to the hairdresser. It feels like I was just there, but when I checked my calendar it turns out it's been almost three months already! I kept to the same style as last time, with undercuts and all, but this time I wanted it even shorter. I'm absolutely loving it, and I plan on keeping it like this for a while with minor tweaks only.

We even tried to attend the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" in 3D, but apparently someone didn't want us to watch it and we had to go home without having taken part in the latest escapades of Captain Jack Sparrow. Sadface! After waiting for good news for about 30 minutes we were all told they were unable to start the movie, so they issued two free tickets for everyone present. Quite neat actually. We went back the next day and watched the movie successfully. I'm not sure whether or not I like this 3D business, I need time to adjust my eyes to the weirdness, but I liked the movie. I did miss William Turner and Elizabeth Swann though, but the mermaids were awesome. Somewhere in between everything I've mentioned above was Constitution Day, which we spent pretty much the same way as last year.

Did I say that nothing much has happened? Seems like I've been up to quite a lot!


Constitution Day in Norway

May 17th is Constitution Day in Norway, a day when people in general dress up in their traditional outfits - or bunad - and participate in parades all over the country. I'm not big on the whole bunad ordeal, the parades, or anything associated with May 17th really. Feel free to call me unpatriotic, I don't care. Ever since my mom borrowed a bunad for children when I was about six years old, I've hated the hideous thing - unless someone else is wearing it. I clearly remember crying my heart out because it made me look like a tiny old lady, or at least I thought so. Therefore, no bunad for me. Ever. No sirree. I've spent the day indoors, together with my two boys Øyvind and Theo, dressed in baggy sweatpants and a worn-out top - and I feel pretty content by doing so.

We tried taking some new pictures of Theo, but it turned out to be a difficult task with all the surrounding - and to him very exciting - noise. Poor Theo, he didn't like all the flags that people insist on hanging everywhere, and I think he felt quite intimidated by their waving. This one photo turned out to be pretty nice, even though he's unfortunately looking away from the camera. Since it's shot outdoors it shows his true colors, and you can also see how his coat is developing. He has still got a long way to go until it's fully developed, but he's getting there!

I hope you've had a nice May 17th, no matter how you chose to spend it. Smile

Xina Cross CountryMay 17th 2010 - 36 weeks, 2200 grams

Photo © Øyvind H. 2010