IsaDora Jewels of the Orient

IsaDora Jewels of the Orient743 Orient Express · 744 Ancient Ruby · 741 Black Amethyst · 637 Night Flight · 746 Silk Road

See, this is what happens when you don't have the proper equipment to shoot your stash; I kinda hate this photo. I chose to add it to my post anyway because I feel like the colors are actually visible, but if you'd like to see (a lot) better swatches I'll provide some links further down. I'm sure you've heard the hype about the new IsaDora Jewels of the Orient collection? No? Tough luck. These babies are gorgeous! Since I rarely wear nailpolish, despite the fact that I have almost a full Helmer, I've been refraining from purchasing any lately. I wasn't going to buy any of these either, but when Karianne over at Neglelakkmani posts her photos all my willpower seems to evaporate instantly.

First I fell in love with the red one, then the other red one, then the blue.. and then, and then.. you see? Hopeless. I was secretly hoping I wouldn't come across a display holding the ones I wanted, but I found an almost full one at Cubus, Sirkus Shopping. Lucky me! The first time around I picked up the two reds: 743 Orient Express and 744 Ancient Ruby, simply because I couldn't choose between the two. A few days later I happened to send my fiancé on a quest to pick up two more: 637 Night Flight and 741 Black Amethyst - and for some unexplainable reason I suddenly also needed 746 Silk Road in my life.

And for the swatches I promised you: http://neglelakkmani.com/category/isadora/ - enjoy!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012


IsaDora 731 Silver Sky

In the beginning of May I participated in @isadoraglobal's #wonderfulwednesday Twitter contest, where the main prize was a blush. Unfortunately I didn't win, but they were super nice and sent me a little surprise anyway - which arrived in my mailbox today. I eagerly ripped open the bubble mailer, and inside I found this gorgeous nail polish: 731 Silver Sky. I'm not overly skilled in describing colors, but I'd say it's a dusty pastel grayish blue bursting with silver sparkles. I don't know how to explain it, but to me it's such a dreamy color and just looking at it makes me smile. 731 Silver Sky was released with Pearls of Passion this spring, and is one of IsaDora's new colors.

IsaDora 731 Silver Sky


I’m in England!

I'm actually on my way to bed now, a hotel bed in Finchley just north of London. Imagine that! I'm here with Øyvind, eagerly awaiting the morning when IMATS officially starts for us common people. I figured I'd blog a tiny little bit about our trip so far, as I'm usually doing an awesome job of forgetting all about blogging while away - but fear not, I'll do a more thorough post when I have the time. First of all, the hotel is really nice. Our room is big enough for me and my wheelchair, the bathroom is easy to access and quite large, and most things are within reach. Even the peephole! I'm amazed. The hotel restaurant is an authentic greek restaurant, and right outside our door we found a McDonalds, a Pizza Hut, and three other restaurants serving italian, mexican and french food. Could you ask for more?

We decided to venture out for a bit, and went to Brent Cross. Shopper's heaven? I didn't splurge too much, as I purchased the two new Dior Vernis in "504 Waterlily" and "694 Forget-Me-Not" at John Lewis - before I ventured on to Boots where I picked up two Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD palettes in "001 Black Cab" and "008 True Union Jack" (mostly because of the design), two L'Oreal Infallible in "016 Coconut Shake" and "021 Sahara Treasure", and a limited edition Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer (15 ml as opposed to the regular 60 ml, perfect for testing purposes). Oh, and a rewards card! I have no idea what I'll use it for, as we don't have any Boots close by.. but I do love these neat plastic cards, you know.

Now I'm going to sleep and dream about tomorrow, when I'm going to IMATS to indulge in all kinds of makeup goodness. If you don't hear from me again I probably died from happiness (and superficialness) somewhere between the boots at Alexandra Palace.. Oh well, this is me signing out from Finchley. Good night!


Illamasqua Load

Illamasqua LoadI just received two products from Illamasqua, the nail polish Load being one of them. I was instantly taken by the name (and description) of this polish, gutter-minded as I am, and I decided to try it out immediately.

Back in October I tested another polish from Illamasqua, and I loved it. Unfortunately I didn't love Load as much, simply because I found it to be hard to apply, difficult to work with, and it took quite an amount of effort to look somewhat even on my nails even though I didn't fully succeed.

Load is described as a "rich cream" which is quite accurate. It has a glossy finish. I might go as far as calling it a very subdued yellow against my skin, which might have to do with my yellow undertones. I applied three coats, the last coat being quite thick, and I had to work quickly to avoid streaking.

The Verdict:
RatingI'm kinda sad to award Load only two brushes, but the difficulty applying it did disappoint me a bit. By all means, I'm no nail polish guru, but I was hoping for another Jan (nice and easy to work with). On the other hand.. it's a light color, and I think lighter colors are harder to apply flawless in general. As I said I love the name and description of this nail polish, and I do like the color as well. I'm also giving it another plus for drying quickly, despite of the third coat being a bit thick. Load receives three brushes from me, but all-in-all it's a strong three!

Picture was taken indoors in artificial lighting.


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