It’s very important..

..to keep Mr. Postman occupied at all times.

One of the things I've was looking forward to while in Paris, was coming home to whatever mail had accumulated over the three weeks we were gone. I was dreading any letters from the hospital, but I also knew there was bound to be at least a few packages waiting for me. When I ventured down to the post office the Friday after we came back, it turned out I seemed to have kept Mr. Postman on his toes for three weeks!

Most of these contained items I had ordered before I left, but also from a swap and a prize from a blog contest. Well, and a few things I ordered when in Paris. Internet is hazardous business, I tell you - but o' so entertaining! I received a mix of books (a book), two palettes and a nail polish from Chanel, a blush and a lip gloss from NARS, a nail polish from China Glaze, two nail polishes from Butter London, a brush holder and a palette from Sigma, the six new Dream Weaver trios from Wet n Wild, and two of this season's limited edition glasses from McDonalds.

I've already mentioned a few of the things I received in other posts (like Chanel Peridot, NARS Deep Throat and Chihuahua), but I seem to have fallen behind on the rest. Mr. Postman won't come knocking for a while now unfortunately, or maybe I should rather say 'thankfully' on behalf of my bank account? In the meanwhile I'll show you what Mr. Postman did bring me while I was having the time of my life in Paris.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11


My Paradise is at Cap Ferrat

I almost jumped from joy when Mr. Postman finally stopped by with a package for me yesterday. I say 'finally' because Mr. Postman seems to be taking his time nowadays. The package contained goodies I wouldn't have been able to get my hands on if it hadn't been for Fieran and her man, so thank you so much to the both of you! Please let me know if I can do anything in return. I'd be more than happy to be of assistance. Heart

MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder"My Paradise"


First Impressions: Fortune Cookie Soap

I use my Twitter account quite a lot, and at the moment I'm following 169 other users. Some of them are friends, others are fellow bloggers and miscellaneous companies with products that interests me, or just interesting strangers. I first heard of Fortune Cookie Soap from @xsparkage and @xbrookecorex who have reviewed (and praised) a lot of their products, and since I used to make my own soaps a few years ago I wanted to place an order of my own. Unfortunately the international shipping was too steep for my wallet compared to the amount of items I wanted to try out, so I never got around to it. I later started following @fortunefreak as well, and when I received a discount coupon I finally decided to order.

Mr. Postman stopped by with my package today, and I'm not regretting my purchase! I have a calendar where I write down the date of the order, when it's shipped, and when it arrives - and this time I was positively surprised to receive my package after only six business days from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Naturally I haven't tried any of these deliciously scented soaps yet, but I'll be back with an actual review when I've tried them for a while. So far, so good.

Fortune Cookie Soap

I chose these ten items from their descriptions on the website. My immediate favorites are without a doubt "Sweet Tart Martini", which reminded me of something from my childhood, and "Cola Soap Refreshing". "In the Loop" is one of Fortune Cookie Soap bestsellers, but the scent is unknown to me since we don't have Froot Loops in Norway - I feel like I've been robbed of some vital childhood memory! I'd say it's a combination of vanilla, some kind of grain and something fruity, like oranges. Please excuse me if I'm way off. "Buttered Popcorn" smells exactly like it's supposed to - I'm one of those who absolutely love Jelly Belly Jelly Beans with the same name, I know I'm weird - so this one's placed high on my yes-list. I'm not sure about "Hot Apple Cider", it smells of apples and cinnamon, but it seems to be one of those scents that might give me a pounding headache. "Patrick's Shamrock Irish" is supposed to smell like green apples and green tea, but I'm unable to pick up on the tea. Who cares, I just had to have it because of its name - and I do love apples. These fortune cookie soaps are shaped like a.. well, fortune cookie, and they even have a little fortune inside! You can also buy them in a little favor box, shaped like one of those take away boxes you traditionally get with Chinese food. So cute!

FCS: In the Loop Bar SoapI wanted to try out a few other things since I was already ordering from Fortune Cookie Soap, so I picked out three bar soaps and a shampoo bar. Since the scent of apples seem to be my kryptonite.. I decided on one of these neat, glow-in-the-dark bars called "Kryptonite". "Lick Me ALL Over" had such an awesome name, and its floral-y scent immediately made me smile. Don't ask me why, it kind of reminded me of one of my nieces and some good times we've shared. "In the Loop" bar soap is the same as the fortune cookie soap, but it was just so decorative I had to add it to my basket. To avoid my bar soap to disintegrate I also ordered a groovy soap dish to keep it for as long as possible. Last, but not least, I ordered one shampoo bar. I would have ordered more, but my scalp is very picky about the shampoo I use, so I didn't want to waste a lot of money before I had tried one. I chose "Something Tropical" simply because I tend to like scents like that, and quite right.. I really like it. I also bought a reusable travel tin to keep my shampoo bar in when I'm away from home.

My Verdict:
This is my honest rating of Fortune Cookie Soap as a store, and not their products.

RatingI haven't had any reason to contact customer service, but since Shannon is on Twitter she's easy to get the hold of. She's very sweet and replies to tweets, which is a big plus in my book! My order arrived within six business days, which I think is great! A very nice store with a good range of cute bath and body products, easy to get in contact with and fast international shipping. Definitely worth checking out!

Would I purchase again?
Yes, absolutely.

If you'd like to know what Fortune Cookie Soap's products are made of, what they have to offer, how much they cost and so on, please visit their site for more information! Grin

Photo © Fortune Cookie Soap & Shamini Thevarajah '11


New palettes from Wet n Wild

Mr. Postman certainly knows how to make my day better, and today he left me no less than four packages! Awesomeness! When I ripped open the first one I found the three new eight pan palettes from Wet n Wild Color Icon™ in Comfort Zone, Blue Had Me At Hello and Petal Pusher (swatches at Sasquatch Swatch here, here and here) - and the second package contained even more Wet n Wild, namely three Color Icon™ Trios in Silent Treatment, I Got Good Jeans and I'm Feelin' Retro (swatches at Beauty Gala here, here and here), in addition to one of their matte lipsticks in Mauve Outta Here or Rose Flamboyant.

Wet n WildComfort Zone · Blue Had Me At Hello · Petal Pusher

I was a bit baffled by the third package, as I couldn't remember ordering more than the first two, but when I opened it up I remembered that I won a contest by VampyVarnish on Twitter a few weeks ago. It was kinda funny, because I was playing World of Warcraft and decided to multitask out of the game to check something. I don't remember what distracted me. I then coincidentally noticed a question on Twitter from VampyVarnish where she asked how old she was when she first caught interest of makeup, and I posted the first number that popped into my head: 19. A few seconds later she posted another tweet, announcing me as the winner and today I received my prize: one M·A·C Marvel eyeshadow from Mickey Contractor! Imagine that, I actually won something.

The fourth and last padded envelope contained two silver bracelets from one of my cousins in the US. Such a nice gesture!

Mr. Postman certainly knows how to make a girl happy! Wink

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11