After the gorgeous eye shadows from Yaby Cosmetics caught my attention, I started searching for a webshop offering both the brand and of course international shipping. One of the stores I found was PROMAKEUPSTORE in the Netherlands. It was founded in 2008 by makeup artist Monique Heijboer, a very nice lady who's also running the store and answering e-mails from customers.

I ended up ordering six eye shadows from PROMAKEUPSTORE at a total of €13.18, or about 105,- NOK with today's exchange rate. When I went to checkout my order I noticed that €24.10 (about 192,- NOK) had been added for shipping, and I immediately thought it was a bit much to ask for shipping alone. On the other hand I'm used to expensive international shipping from ordering quite frequently from both the US and the UK, even though I tend to refrain from ordering if the shipping cost more than the items themselves. I know that some mail services can be quite expensive - there's no need to look any further than Posten Norge - so I didn't blame PROMAKEUPSTORE for the expensive shipping. I decided to leave it like it was and went ahead with my order, which was a grand total of €37.28 (about 296,- NOK).

The next day I received an e-mail from Monique apologizing for the expensive shipping, while telling me that she wanted to offer me a discount for my next order because of it. As stated on the website the shipping quote of €24.10 is for orders up to 2 kilos, and since I ordered such a small quantity it didn't really weigh much at all. She also told me that she had decided to ship my six shadows a different way than described before checkout, and asked me to e-mail her for a shipping quote next time I wanted to order just a few items - to avoid having to spend so much on shipping. My order arrived after a mere three days, and I was completely speechless! I e-mailed Monique back to thank her for being so sweet, but also to tell her about the amazing speed of my order! She then said she had now arranged for shipping of orders up to 500 grams by registered mail to Norway for €10.45 (about 83,- NOK). Please note that this shipping option does not include any tracking (requires signature upon arrival) as of today, so if you want tracking you'll have to go with the regular option instead. If you're planning to order only a few light items, like I did, then feel free to e-mail Monique beforehand to get an even better shipping quote (applies to order which would fit in a mailbox). Amazing customer service!

Each regular eye shadow is €2.25 (about 18,- NOK), while the Pearl Paints cost €2.80 (about 23,- NOK) a piece. In addition the empty 40-well palette made for these refills is €14.01 (about 112,- NOK) - although Yaby has several palettes for you to choose from. PROMAKEUPSTORE also offers a selection of products from other brands like BeautyBlender, Embryolisse Laboratories, FACE atelier Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and ZPalette.

More information about shipping can be found here.
All orders are shipped by TNT.

The Verdict:
RatingIt is with absolutely no doubt I've decided to give PROMAKEUPSTORE a full score rating. I also want to "award" Monique Heijboer with an extra gold star for excellent customer service! My order was shipped from the Netherlands the day after it was placed, even though I'm quite sure it would have been shipped the same day if it had been placed during working hours. It arrived only three days later, and it was packed securely and nice. No excess packing material, which I think is great. PROMAKEUPSTORE gets two thumbs up from me, and believe me.. if I could I would gladly have extended a third!

Would I order again?
Without a doubt. Smile


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