M·A·C “My Dark Magic” and “She Who Dares”

Lately Mr. Postman has stopped by with a few goodies for me. Not very much though, but enough to keep me happy and occupied for a while. I haven't been wearing any makeup since the classic look I wore for the Karpe Diem concert, and I won't until my body decides to stop acting up. I've been terribly out of shape, my neck is killing me, giving me headaches and making me nauseous.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Today Mr. Postman left me a small yellow padded envelope, and inside I found two M·A·C Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos from the latest collection Venomous Villains. "She Who Dares" (deep navy with blue pearl & deep forest green with lime green pearl) and "My Dark Magic" (deep pink with pink pearl & deep plum with purple pearl) are from Maleficent's part of the collection. I'm a little ashamed, I have on several occasions said that I was skipping everything from Venomous Villains, but what do you know - I was dragged into it.

Loving purple the way I do, I'll have to crown "My Dark Magic" my absolute favorite of the two. As you can see of the picture mine has a lot of silvery veining, which I really like. This is my very first encounter with M·A·C Mineralize Eye Shadow, so I'm a bit excited to see if I'll like them or not. I've heard a lot about these MES, both good and bad things, bot I'm still looking forward to trying them out for myself. The thing I like the most about them is that no two eyeshadows are alike when it comes to color and veining.

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo: My Dark Magic
My Dark Magic
MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo: She Who Dares
She Who Dares

I have also promised my girls Pinch and Fieran to do a look with a black base underneath. I'm a little afraid I'll end up looking like the raccoon-eyed Taylor Momsen, but a promise is a promise! Wink

*doing the happy dance*

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10