Constitution Day in Norway

May 17th is Constitution Day in Norway, a day when people in general dress up in their traditional outfits - or bunad - and participate in parades all over the country. I'm not big on the whole bunad ordeal, the parades, or anything associated with May 17th really. Feel free to call me unpatriotic, I don't care. Ever since my mom borrowed a bunad for children when I was about six years old, I've hated the hideous thing - unless someone else is wearing it. I clearly remember crying my heart out because it made me look like a tiny old lady, or at least I thought so. Therefore, no bunad for me. Ever. No sirree. I've spent the day indoors, together with my two boys Øyvind and Theo, dressed in baggy sweatpants and a worn-out top - and I feel pretty content by doing so.

We tried taking some new pictures of Theo, but it turned out to be a difficult task with all the surrounding - and to him very exciting - noise. Poor Theo, he didn't like all the flags that people insist on hanging everywhere, and I think he felt quite intimidated by their waving. This one photo turned out to be pretty nice, even though he's unfortunately looking away from the camera. Since it's shot outdoors it shows his true colors, and you can also see how his coat is developing. He has still got a long way to go until it's fully developed, but he's getting there!

I hope you've had a nice May 17th, no matter how you chose to spend it. Smile

Xina Cross CountryMay 17th 2010 - 36 weeks, 2200 grams

Photo © Øyvind H. 2010