Review: Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick

When I purchased my first eyeshadow in stick form I was hooked, completely hooked. It was so easy to apply, a dream to blend out, and completely hassle-free. When I by coincidence came across Mally Beauty and their Shadow Sticks, I knew I had to try out a few. I never thought eyeshadow in stick form would be any good, I have tried similar products from different brands before without liking them at all, but the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick had charmed me to my knees and these had.. my name all over them. YouTube is marvelous for checking out reviews and swatches, and I quickly found a few enticing colors I needed to add to my collection. I ended up buying three: Twilight, Rosy Taupe and Saddle Shimmer. All three are brown, neutral shades, and oh so gorgeous. These three colors can be combined two and two (or even three) without any problems.

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick: Twilight, Rosy Taupe and Saddle ShimmerTwilight · Rosy Taupe · Saddle Shimmer

The Evercolor Shadow Stick is quite pricey, they actually cost a few dollars more than the mentioned Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, with a $25 price tag. I might just be easy to trick, or convince if you will, but the price made me believe they had to be of even better quality. The color range is a lot better, and there are 22 colors to choose from. They are highly pigmented, smooth and creamy, and glide on like butter - no tugging! Because they are so soft I'm a little afraid you'll go through a stick fairly quickly, but that remains to be seen. According to Mally herself you have 30 seconds to blend out any harsh edges before it sets, and after that it'll stay put until you remove it using your makeup remover - but in my experience you have a liiittle longer. She also brags about how you don't need to use a primer underneath as they won't crease, but I don't know. With my oily eyelids I always use a primer underneath any eyeshadow, and these babies last aaall day on me.

The Verdict

RatingBased on my very first impression I would absolutely, without a single doubt, purchase more colors. And after I've been using them regularly? I'm convinced, I'll most definitely be buying more colors in the near future! A wide range of gorgeous colors, easy to work with, require no work at all (you can easily blend them out with a brush, or even use your finger around the edges), and excellent durability. If you can live with paying $25 a piece, I highly recommend checking them out - and the price alone is the sole reason why I won't give these a full score.

My personal favorite of the three?
Rosy Taupe.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012