It's funny, I actually became inspired by writing a blog post in my mother tongue: norwegian. Since I appreciate my foreign readers too much to shut them out, prevent them from understanding what I'm ranting about, I'm going back to blogging in English. Another weekend has flown by. My weekends are pretty similar to the rest of my week, but it's very much noticeable that my fiancé is gone most of the day for work. 8 hours of work are surely normal to most people, but to me it feels like a tiny eternity.

As I've said a few times already, I've been planning to reorganize my precious collection of M·A·C palettes for a while now. Not only because I hate clutter and the lack of order, but also because I'm failing at loving them as much as I do when they are sorted into palettes. I've postponed it several times, and felt like it's been hanging over me like a dark cloud for a while now. M·A·C has been one of my all-time favorite brands ever since I discovered makeup as a passion, so it's dominating my collection. Yesterday I decided to really make an effort, so I grabbed myself by the neck and started working. I'm dreading to say this out loud, but after a quick overview I found 128 eyeshadows that were still in their refill sleeves, not having been depotted yet, or just left in a magnetized MUFE palette for later. Believe me when I say I don't intend to brag, I'm fully aware of it being an insane number. I've split them all into color categories and temporarily put them into palettes, but I'm planning a depotting session this weekend to finish off my organizing project. I had four empty M·A·C palettes in backup, which I thought would be more than enough, but as it turned out I need at least two more.. I was planning to go to M·A·C this weekend to pick them up, but luckily had the foresight to call them up and ask if they sold them at my local counter. Of course they didn't, so I had to phone up Glasmagasinet in Oslo - a challenge in itself - and have them ship three palettes my way. Hopefully they'll be here by Friday! Oddly enough my mood improved a lot after finishing, and I'm really looking forward to being done with everything. I love sorting, color-coordinating and organizing, but when the job becomes too big I end up discouraged. Only thing left now is filling the new palettes when they arrive and sorting them all, then they'll be ready for their own little photo shoot!


M·A·C Paint Pots

MAC Paint Pots[click photo for a larger version]

While I photographed my three latest Paint Pots I decided to do a quick post on all my Paint Pots by M·A·C, and here you have all 14 of them! I love the gradient, and just looking at this picture instantly makes me smile. Since it might be difficult to read their labels, I'll add their names below. I must admit.. I'm a little bummed out as my Coral Crepe and Delft have already started drying out, while some of the older ones are in pristine shape still. Oh well, maybe it's a sign to start using them?

  • Soft Ochre
  • Painterly
  • Fresco Rose
  • Nice Vice -Fafi for M·A·C 2008
  • Idyllic -Posh Paradise 2011
  • Coral Crepe -Prêt-à-Papier 2010
  • Cash Flow -Fafi for M·A·C 2008
  • Greenstroke
  • Rollickin' -Fafi for M·A·C 2008
  • Delft
  • Pure Creation -Posh Paradise 2011
  • Electro Sky -Alexander McQueen for M·A·C 2007
  • Imaginary -Posh Paradise 2011
  • Blackground

Soft Ochre is one of my all-time favorite neutral bases. I find it a lot softer and smoother than Painterly, which seems to be a coveted HG product worldwide, and it also fits my skin tone a lot better. I can't really pick any favorites from the rest of the bunch, but Imaginary is absolutely stunning. Nice Vice, Coral Crepe and Cash Flow are also gorgeous, and Delft should certainly be a part of any makeup collection.

Since I'm one of those unfortunate souls with oily skin and eyelids, I'm unable to use Paint Pots without using a primer underneath. If I skip the primer, they will crease like crazy. It's a common misconception that the M·A·C Paint Pots are primers, so it's important to remember that they are indeed cream-based eyeshadows, which can also be used as bases.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11