Oh, how I luv you Bunny!

Poizen Industries: Luv BunnyI think I might need someone to smack me! I've been sitting here for at about two hours now, just browsing websites offering alternative clothing - or what some people might call "emo clothing". Personally I don't have a specific style, but I always envy those who have have a style and the passion to wear it all the way. I did fall in love with another hoodie, and this one is called "Luv Bunny". C'mon. It's got my name written all over it, can't you see?

I wouldn't be too surprised if it suddenly appeared to be stuck in my mailbox some time next week. Grin

Ragnaråkk, where I got both my piercings, celebrated their 6th birthday today with cakes and sparkling drinks - and a 30% sale on everything in the shop! I was planning on heading over there to pick up a bag and a hoodie I kinda wanted to get the last time I was there, but my neck has been bugging me severely the last couple of days so I decided to just relax at home instead. But since I'm blessed with such a loving boyfriend, he volunteered to go to Ragnaråkk for me, I now have both an Iron Fist-hoodie and a immensely cool handbag (with a skull) from Living Dead Souls in my possession.

Photo courtesy of Google