Buona sera i miei amici!

I've decided to take matters into my own hands, so next week I'm starting Italian class. Yep, Italian! I just ordered my book online, and I hope it'll get here soon so I can start flipping through it. I know I've said this before, but I feel really good about my decision - and this time I'm following through no matter if life decides to bring me lemons, or what. I need something to keep me busy come fall and winter, and it's a ginormous plus (for me) that the course is internet based.

When I first moved to Trondheim in 2007 I was ambitious enough to start studying English at NTNU. I started, and about a year later I realized it was a mistake. I dropped out due to a lot of crap - for the very first time in my life having a handicap was actually making me depressed - and the fact that I didn't want to become a teacher of any sort. After my failed attempt at English I wanted to study Phonetics, but I could never grow accustomed to the lousy attitude a lot of fellow students and a certain professor kept showing me, so I quit once again.

As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a translator, but for some odd reason I never followed up. I've been heading in that direction several times, but something always distracted me, pulling me into something completely different. I've now become 31 years old, and I feel like it's time to take some responsibility. Maybe now is the time to become a translator? I've always loved languages, so why shouldn't I do something I know I'm good at?

I'm really looking forward till September 13th. Wish me luck! Grin


Exit old, enter new

Sheesh, I'm feeling so uninspired these days. I've lost count of how many times I've logged into my blog to update, but then just closed the page without typing a single word. Our window is still broken. We still have one Chihuahua, as opposed to two. I'm still a brunette. They say fall is a time for change, when some things end and others begin - not that I'm planning on going blond or anything, but there's definitely been a change of future plans.

Due to some personal issues I've decided to postpone school once again, so I resigned from my spot last week. Don't think it was an easy decision. I've spent several weeks pondering, talking it over with my family, trying to decide what would be best for me - but now that the decision has been made I feel only relief, and not regret. At least this time I don't feel like a complete failure. I don't have anything else mapped out for the coming year, but I'm sure new plans will emerge when time is ready. I haven't worn any makeup for a very long time now, except for some mascara as I'm testing MUFE Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara. It's impossible to do a proper look when my pool of inspiration has dried up on me. What happened?

My neck is acting up again, and it's frustrating wanting to do stuff without having the energy to follow through. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the time of year. Maybe it's just life. I hate the fall, go figure - and I hate the uncertainty of not knowing what's coming in the near future.


Becoming a Graphic Designer (take three)

Judging from what's happened since my last post, whining actually helps! I received an e-mail from my school today with an apology for not replying to my e-mails, and telling me that everything is OK, so I'm still going back to graphic design for fall 2010. I guess this means that I need you guys to send me lots and lots of motivation and inspiration, because as of now I'm not motivated at all. Oh well, let's pretend it's because it's time for a real vacation, and I don't want to be thinking about school, making an effort and how to work out my jigsaw of assistance when our lives goes back to normal. On the other hand I'm happy to know that I've got something to do, and I have the perfect excuse for being social with my classmates, making new friends.

I'm back on the road towards becoming a graphic designer. Smile


Warning: whining ahead

I actually wrote a post yesterday, but decided to refrain from posting it because it was so.. whiny. I had a really crappy day, my head was hurting from the combination of not sleeping very well and staying in bed for too long. It might be related to the weather we're having as well, I always feel crappy when it's cold, rainy and horrible outside. Summer solstice has come and gone, which means that the sun has turned once again, and we're heading towards fall. Already? But we haven't even felt the summer yet.. it's making me depressed. Thankfully we're going to Paris in 13 days, and as long as the temperature there keeps above 20'C I'll be happy. Everything above that is a bonus!

It just feels like some force is working against me, and I'm guess that's fair since everything has been going smooth for quite a while now, but I'm a little sick of being kept in the dark about school this fall. I know, I have nothing to complain about, but the world automatically grows darker when I'm in pain. I already told you about being accepted into interaction design, and then being told it wasn't going happen after all because of too few applicants. I was then told that I could choose whatever subject I would like from the remaining ones (since I'm officially on leave), so I decided to go back to graphic design. But, the things is.. I haven't heard anything since that, and I've e-mailed them twice. Not that it's extremely important, but it would be nice to know what I'm going to do with my life come fall. I'm not comfortable not knowing!

The shallow part of me is nagging to have me write about the package I've been expecting since it arrived in Norway on the 18th, but apparently still is somewhere between Oslo and here. Who would have thought that a small package could use more than two days between Oslo and Trondheim? Do they suddenly use mules? The package contains few pieces of piercing jewelry in 14 gauge. I'm in absolutely no rush, but I'm easily irritated when there's unexplainable delays along the way. I mean, this package arrived in Norway on June 18th, the day after it was sent from the UK. Then it was sent to customs, even though its value - its actual value - is safely below the tax limit. On June 21st it was finally sent from the terminal in Oslo. Towards Trondheim. Or so I thought. Today, June 23rd, it's still "on its way" and I have absolutely no idea to when I might expect it to arrive.

Seems like my whining helped, Mr. Postman left me a notice to come pick it up today!

Yeah, so.. nothing else to report from Trondheim.
Peace out! Razz