Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleI have this mental wish list overflowing with different items and products I'd like to buy some time or another. Unfortunately - or should I say thankfully - I tend to forget about most of them before I get the chance to spend the money. I guess it only proves that I don't really need half of the items on my list.

Anyway, my newest lemming is an Amazon Kindle! Yep, I admit it, I like having gadgets in my life, but the thing is that I used to love reading - whatever happened to that passion? I could sit down and finish a book in an evening, and I did. Often. Now I can't even remember the last time I finished a book, and I have lots of books I'd love to read. So what's stopping me? When one's blessed with the attention span of a toddler, like I am, I need to read when there's nothing else going on around me, preferably when in bed - but due to the lack of strength in my arms, I find it more tiring than enjoyable which is a little beside the point of reading a book in bed.

So now I want a Kindle. I want the smallest version of the Kindle, the 6" one. I think it would be just perfect for reading, and a lot lighter than any hardcover book. Yay! The price is $139 which is about 844,- NOK with today's exchange rate, plus shipping and tax.

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Gorgeousness from Sugarpill Cosmetics

As most of you know by now, I'm a real color junkie. I should actually start typing that with a capital C and J, you know. Not so long ago I came across another makeup brand which was completely new to me, called Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sadly I don't remember where I first came across these products, but the brand immediately caught my attention. Not only did it have the cutest logo ever - how do one resist a logo with a kitten? - and the colors were bright and bold. For some reason I decided not to purchase anything from Sugarpill at that time, but lately reviews and looks have kept popping up everywhere, and the colors are completely mesmerizing!

Yesterday I read a review by Julissa at Rebellious Makeup, and I was completely sold. Would you look at those swatches? So now I'm craving the two palettes "Sweetheart" and "Burning Heart", in addition to the matte black "Bulletproof" - that way I'll have a complete set of Sugarpill pressed eye shadows. I'm still not comfortable with loose shadows, so I decided to leave them alone even though the colors are gorgeous.

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Burning Heart & Sweetheart

Look at these palettes! Simply amazing. At first I was a little thrown off by the fact that these palettes are made of cardboard as opposed to plastic, but they are in fact magnetic and refillable which quickly made me change my mind about them. And they look so unique! Each palette comes with four shadows, and each shadows is a staggering 4 grams or .14 oz (M·A·C eye shadows 1.5 grams or .05 oz, while MUFE eye shadows are 2.5 grams or .08 oz) and to me that's good value for your money.

I'm sure some would say they would never ever wear bold colors like these out in public, at least not during daytime, but I love wearing makeup that really stands out, and I would have no problems wearing these. Bright colors make me happy!

Photos © Sugarpill Cosmetics


Yaby Cosmetics

Yaby Cosmetics is a Canadian brand, founded by makeup artist Liz Yu.

Today I came across a video on YouTube by a girl calling herself sayanythingbr00ke. She was sharing her haul from The Makeup Show NYC 2010, and since I'm a sucker for haul posts and videos I was sucked right into it. In her haul she had a palette and some eye shadows from Yaby Cosmetics, which you can see at about 6:12 into her video. I had just briefly heard about Yaby before, but I didn't know anything at all about their products - so when I saw some of Brooke's swatches I was sold. The eye shadow pans are the same size as the ones in the well-known various 88 palettes most commonly ordered from Coastal Scents or eBay (and to rectify a common mistake: these palettes are not made by Coastal Scents, they only sell them) , so they are quite small in size. On the other hand they cost about $3 each at the most, or 23 NOK with today's exchange rate, which is an affordable price for an extremely pigmented eye shadow that is easy to work with as well.

Yaby Cosmetics: PaletteMy very first impression of these eye shadows was excellent - as excellent as it could be from only reading reviews, watching videos and seeing pictures of swatches. As I already said the pans are pretty small (measuring 15.5mm), but that only gives you a good chance to actually finish an eye shadow instead of just piling up more and more from thousands of different brands.

Yaby both offers single eye shadows and pre-sets, and one of the things that make these unique is that their pre-sets are refillable. Each eye shadow pan is magnetized, making it easy to pop out of the palette for reorganizing or changing. The palette itself is a little bit larger than a regular M·A·C palette, and a lot smaller than the 88 palette. It comes with a large mirror covering the entire lid, and the one I want holds an amazing 40 eye shadows! For the awesomeness doesn't stop with one single palette, Yaby offers six different types of palettes! While the exterior is the same, the inserts differ from holding only eye shadows to including foundation, blush, brow powder, concealers and so on. It's completely up to you!

Let's move back to the actual eye shadows, shall we? The regular eye shadows comes in the following finishes: matte (M), satin (S), frost (F) and high shine (HS). These are highly pigmented, and can be used both wet and dry. They also have another set of eye shadows called Pearl Paints, which is a powder with a consistency similar to cream shadows. The Pearl Paints are extremely pigmented, while the regular eye shadows are listed as "highly pigmented", and they are supposed to be waterproof as well.

My curiosity has been tickled - have yours?

Photo © Yaby Cosmetics

"If I'm in Norway, where do I order from?"

Yaby Cosmetics in Canada: $2.75 CAD (eye shadow), $3.55 CAD (pearl paint)
Camera Ready Cosmetics in USA: $2.99 USD (eye shadow / pearl paint)
Pro Makeup Store in the Netherlands: €2.25 (eye shadow), €2.80 (pearl paint)

Prices does not include shipping (taxes might apply according to quantity and value)


Lemming: Barry M Dazzle Dust

Thanks to some of my fellow bloggers I now have a new lemming on my list. I wonder why the list just keeps growing? I've heard so many nice things about Dazzle Dust from the UK company Barry M, that even though it's a loose powder I'm dying try them out! I don't know why loose powders scare me, but I tend to steer away from them and choose pressed products instead. These last days I've been searching the Internet for swatches and reviews, and my god.. so many fantastic colors! I'm even considering some of the Fine Glitter Dusts, even though I absolutely hate glitters in every form, shape and product. Strange, huh? I guess it's all the good reviews out there, stating that Dazzle Dusts are sooo easy to apply and blend. Apparently they're just like M·A·C Pigments, only finer milled and therefore easier to work with. From what I've seen they're really pigmented, and some of the colors are truly amazing - like nothing I've seen before.

Barry M Dazzle DustSo, the next thing on my agenda is to decide on a few of the colors, and order them from Barry M directly. I actually found a webshop here in Norway selling them as well, but the prices are horrible! I can order 3.2 Dazzle Dust from Barry M for the same price as 1 from the Norwegian webshop, depending a little on the exchange rate. My conclusion is therefore that even if I order more than 4.7 from Barry M and have to pay taxes, I'll still save money on ordering them from the UK instead. How screwed up is that? Shipping from Barry M is £5.00, which is about 47,- NOK, plus 25% tax if I decide to go over the limit (more than 4 jars of Dazzle Dust) - which is also cheaper than ordering from Norway.

Barry M:
1x Dazzle Dust = £4.50 or 42,- NOK
UK shipping = £5.00 or 47,- NOK
Total: £9.50 or 89,- NOK

Norwegian webshop:
1x Dazzle Dust = 135,- NOK
Local shipping = 69,- NOK
Total: 204,- NOK

* today's exchange rate: £1.00 = 9.373 NOK

In both these calculations the order was paid by credit card, since that's the payment method offered by Barry M. The difference on the total is 115,- NOK, which would get me little less than 3 jars of Dazzle Dust. If I decided to get 5 Dazzle Dust from the Norwegian shop I'd have to pay 744,- NOK, opposed to 257,- NOK (plus 170,50 NOK in taxes and fees) from Barry M - again, the difference is 316,50 NOK or even 7.5 jars of Dazzle Dust! I'm amazed. Or rather mind-blown. Needless to say, I'll be ordering mine from the UK come December 11th. Did you manage to follow any of this? Point is.. go ahead and order your Dazzle Dust, but do it at Barry M.

OK, enough with the ranting.
One question remains: which colors should I choose?

Photo © Barry M