Little Pieces of Treasure

I was very excited when Mr. Postman came by with a domestic package for me yesterday, since I was expecting a little something from the wonderful and talented Neglelakkmani. She made me a ring and a necklace using nail polish, and I'm in awe! Unfortunately the ring was bit too big for my stick fingers, but with a handy boyfriend like Øyvind we managed to fit it to my ring finger, and I've been wearing it with pride all day. My own little portable night sky! When I held the pendant up to the light I ended up just sitting there, flipping it back and forth to watch the amazing play of colors. Seriously, if you don't already own this nail polish you're lacking an essential piece to any collection. It's gorgeous! The pendant looks like it's filled with magic, plain out amazing. Grin

She used essie® "Starry Starry Night" for the ring, and Make Up Store "Lava" over a black nail polish for the pendant. These are definitely two pieces of jewelery I'll keep close to my heart. Thank you so very much, Karianne!

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