Haul: Rouge in Love and a weird eyeliner?

I haven't had the frequent visits from Mr. Postman lately, and strangely enough it feels fine. I did however order two things from FeelUnique a week ago, and today a tiny package arrived in my mailbox. As usual I ripped it open with passion, and inside I found one Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in 159B «Rouge in Love», which is supposed to be the lipstick that gorgeous Emma Watson wears in the ad, and a Clarins 3-Dot Liner in 01 «Black».

One lipstick I have fallen deeply in love with is the Lancôme Rouge in Love, no pun intended. A while back I purchased a lipstick from the mood range named Boudoir Time; 146B «Miss Coquelicot» - and here's what Lancome says about this mood; «Trendy, punchy 'it' shades that give color to the lips thanks to the intense contrasted mother-of-pearl. These shades offer an intense bright color reflection. Perfect to start the evening right.».

It's not an overwhelmingly pigmented lipstick, and it doesn't look like you've piled color onto your lips when wearing it, but it still gives of a lot of radiant color - and the orange 146B is perfect in my opinion. So when I was going to order from FeelUnique anyway I quickly popped 159B «Rouge in Love» into my cart, and I can't say I regret it! I could have talked about these lipsticks forever, but I'll do a more thorough review in a separate post - and try to add swatches as well.

Lancome Rouge in Love: 159B Rouge in Love

Clarins 3-Dot Liner

I saw the liner mentioned by Fleur De Force about a week ago, and I was intrigued. It's not your traditional eyeliner, but it's designed to fill in the spaces between your lashes, accentuating your eyes and adding volume to your lashes. If you want to see it in action, click the link above. Maybe it'll do absolutely nothing, or maybe it'll be a fun product to try out. It is however limited edition, so I have no idea how long it'll be available. It might be best not to fall in love with it.

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah 2012


Haul: London 2012

I mentioned buying a Dior Addict Lipstick at Westfield London, 578 Diorkiss, but I actually got two more on the way home. We had to travel by ferries from England to Norway, and naturally I found my way into the tax-free. The selection was pretty boring, but I found two reds I really liked. 745 New Look, a gorgeous fire engine red - and 864 Couture, which I'd describe as a deep coral red. Both these lipsticks look a little different on me than on Karla Sugar's swatches, but you get the idea! I realize that these three lipsticks look pretty much identical in the photo, but when swatched the difference is evident.

Dior Addict Lipstick: New Look, Couture, Diorkiss745 New Look · 864 Couture · 578 Diorkiss

As always I wasn't planning on spending any money in the tax-free, but the persuasive woman managed to talk me into trying a blush from Clarins: Blush Prodige in 05 Rose Wood. I'm not a big fan of Clarins, a brand I associate with old ladies, so I normally walk straight past their aisle. I did however LOVE the gorgeous glow and subtleness this blush gave my face! Although I must say.. someone should teach these ladies a thing or two about hygiene. She picked up a dusty (!) blush brush from a shelf, applied the blush and put it back on the shelf. She also tried convincing me that I should switch my HydraQuench for some anti-aging moisturizer, and I was almost offended. Whenever I start getting wrinkles I'll wear them with pride, believe you me.

Clarins Blush Prodige: 05 Rose Wood05 Rose Wood

Even though I've expressed my feelings towards the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick several times earlier, drying and uncomfortable to wear, I must be caught in some weird haze. I purchased 63 Rebelle and 44 Sari d'Eau when I was in Paris last summer, expecting to love them to death. I didn't, although both colors are truly amazing. For some reason I got one more of these Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, namely 54 Boy. Picking a color like this is completely unlike me, as I usually steer away from the subtle neutral lip colors. But oh, the power of Internet hype! I really wanted to love them - and who knows, I might grow to love them!

Amira told me about the infamous 133 Erika F. from Lancôme before going to London, and it immediately ended up on my list. I had a few more on there, but after swatching them in-store I didn't feel like they were unique enough to splurge on. 133 Erika F. is a bit glittery, I'm not sure whether or not I like that part, but the color is amazing and quite unique! If you like this hard-to-describe color, a weird mix of taupe, gray and khaki depending on your skin tone, then check it out next time you have the chance. It's somewhat similar to Stila Diamond Lil, but at the same time different.

Lancome: 133 Erika F. and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine: 54 Boy133 Erika F. · 54 Boy

I figured I'd post a picture of these cute Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD palettes that I picked up on my first day in London. I don't know anything about the quality, I got them simply because I liked the design - and the names: 001 Black Cab and 008 True Union Jack! Sucker much? At least I acknowledge it. I might have picked up all of them if it hadn't been for the price tag of £6 a piece. For some odd reason 001 Black Cab doesn't have the embossed crown in the middle, but they are both purchased at Boots. They are available from ASOS at £6.50 a piece, and free international shipping!

Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD: 001 Black Cab and 008 True Union Jack008 True Union Jack · 001 Black Cab

I know I already told you about this, but I did manage to get my hands on the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette as well when I visited Debenhams at Westfield London. I was also quite surprised when I discovered a whole display of the 15th Anniversary palette, which sells for too much moolah on eBay. If I hadn't already owned it, I would have been totally ecstatic with my find! Anyway, NAKED 2 had to follow me home, and it's the one thing I got from Urban Decay. I felt pretty good with myself, showing a little self-control at least. Did I need NAKED 2? No. Not at all, ..but there are some gorgeous colors in there! Addict.

Urban Decay NAKED 2NAKED 2

Last, but by no means least, I added two more colors to my rapidly growing collection of Dior Vernis: 694 Forget-Me-Not and 504 Waterlily. They weren't even on my list, but after finding the very limited 401 St. Tropez in Paris I always take an extra look. Just in case. 504 Waterlily was calling me, and it's even prettier in real life than I had ever imagined! The shimmer makes it really special, and the color is perfect for spring and summer. 694 Forget-Me-Not quickly followed its sister into my bag - you know, ..purple. And even rose scented! These are limited edition, and you should act fast if you want one, or both.

Dior Vernis: 694 Forget-Me-Not and 504 Waterlily694 Forget-Me-Not · 504 Waterlily

With this I conclude my London haul, and now it's time to start planning, and saving up for, our next trip to Britain. I hope it won't be long! It's been an amazing start to 2012, and I'm absolutely positive this year will turn out nothing less than great!

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '12


Viruses, Blue Ties and Butterflies

I apparently contracted some kind of virus while on the boat last weekend, so I've spent the entire week struggling with a cold. I know I shouldn't complain, as I've only been sick with a cold once during the last four years, but I'm scared senseless of something settling in my lungs, possibly giving me bronchitis or even pneumonia. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, kinda hoping it would be something bacterial so he'd give me some penicillin or antibiotics to kill it with, but everything came out negative pointing towards a virus. Thankfully he told me that it was rather improbable that a virus would cause an issue with my lungs, but told me to come back immediately if my general state worsened or if the fever spiked. Let me just say that I've had a terrible three days now, with a fever threatening to burn my eyeballs out of my skull - or at least that's what it felt like. My nose has been acting like a faucet during the night, keeping me from sleeping very well, and I sound like a stuffed duck when I talk. Did I mention the constant itch in my throat? I'm immensely glad it seems to be passing now, and I hope I'm back to normal soon!

Haul: M/S Color Magic

I was planning on showing you what I purchased on M/S Color Magic, since I visited the duty-free on-board a couple of times. Roughly. I'm not a big fan of mixing up my posts like this, talking about my health and makeup in the same breath, but today I don't care - and I'm blaming it on being sick. So I picked up three items this time. The first item, which I actually went on a hunt for, was the Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky in "291 Smoky Navy". I wasn't able to get the promo picture from Dior Blue Tie off my mind, that fierce blue smokey eye is truly breathtaking, but since I didn't really like the Blue Tie palette, I settled for the smaller and a bit cheaper one. Sure, the compact is gorgeous - who can resist the shininess? I don't know if it's accurate, but when comparing swatches of the two palettes, I think the two main colors in "Smoky Navy" are the same as two of the colors in the Blue Tie palette.

Dior 3 Couleur Smoky: 291 Smoky Navy

The second item I decided to spend a little fun money on was the "Sweet Butterfly" palette from Lancôme, a travel exclusive. I cannot remember when or where I saw the "La Rose Butterfly" blush for the first time, but when I saw it displayed at the duty-free I wanted to pick it up. "La Rose Butterfly" was released with Ultra Lavande from spring 2011. This is one of those items I just like looking at because I think it's beautiful, and might not have the heart to stir. The blush itself has some kind of multicolored glittery overspray, which I personally don't appreciate very much, but it makes it look quite stunning in the correct lighting.

Lancome Sweet Butterfly

Apart from these two items I purchased an Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Trio (special value). I'm always on the lookout for a good lip balm, and according to MakeupAlley it seems to be a good product as it's average rating is 4.0 - worth a shot anyway! Lastly I picked up a tub of Clarins HydraQuench Cream SPF15, recommended by Fieran, to try with my eczema. And guess what? It worked like a charm, and I'm forever grateful for the tip! Unfortunately I managed to ruin my summer tan this year as well by scratching my forehead sore, but maybe next year?

Now it's time to ignore this bloody cold, and focus on the several exciting things I have to look forward to. Hopefully Mr. Postman will stop by with a package from Amira tomorrow, and then I'll have a few more things to show you. And I'll finally have the second duo from Electric Tropics, the gorgeous Dior Vernis 558 Paradise, in my collection - thanks to Amira, who worked her magic and got it for me! I still have a few Chanel palettes from this summer I haven't posted, but I need to have another photoshoot first. And who knows, maybe Mr. Postman will bring me something else as well?

Photos © Shamini Thevarajah '11


Goodies from NARS, MUFE, Lancôme and M·A·C

I have no idea why, but I'm having serious problems expressing myself nowadays. I feel like all my posts regarding any received mail all start the same way, and it's bothering me. Even my heading feels useless. Oh well, today Mr. Postman came knocking with a package from Amira. She's always a sweetheart, and this time she'd sent me some goodies from NARS, M·A·C, MUFE and Lancôme.

The NARS Monoï Body Glow II was a free gift with purchase, so I'm actually quite excited that Amira told me about this limited time offer - if you are to order it from their website it costs $58, or about 376,- NOK with today's exchange rate! The Aqua Cream from MUFE is a fairly new product, a waterproof cream shadow in many different and bright colors. The four I received were originally Amira's, but when she turned out to be allergic to them she decided to sell them off - and they ended up in my hands instead. I promise to give them a good home!

I've been talking about the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for quite some time now, and Ingrid helped me look for the most suitable color for my skin tone. She suggested "Punjab" even though I thought it was a little strange since that the color TiffanyD uses, but I decided to trust Ingrid and go for it. I haven't tried it on my skin yet, but when I hold the bottle up to my face it looks pretty much as an exact match. What does this tell me? I'm winter pale, and horrible.

M·A·C To the Beach High-Light Powder: Marine Life"Marine Life", the high-light powder from M·A·C To the Beach, is an altogether different story. It was sold out from M·A·C two days before this collection was even officially launched, and it all happened within three hours from the first sighting. Crazy! Thankfully it launched in France before it hit the US, and Amira was sweet enough to order one for me there instead, together with the two interesting eye shadows in that collection. I'm forever grateful, it's such a treasure! From all the swatches I've seen of this high-light powder, it's much more a blush than anything else. The gold overspray will go away after a couple of sweeps, but since I don't have the heart to ruin mine I'll keep it untouched.

I'm a tiny bit sad that I didn't get "Hipness" blush and "Temperature Rising" lip pencil, but what the hell. It's not the end of the world, although it would have been a couple of months ago. I'm feeling proud here!

Apart from that I got an e-mail telling me that my mirror had been shipped - finally! - and that I should expect it to arrive on Tuesday. Due to this frigging strike that's been going on, it was majorly delayed. Oh, and I've also gone ahead and ordered myself a few bottles of Bath & Body Works Body Splash in Country Apple, Fresh Pineapple and Sunset Mango. I don't know if any of these are something I'll end up liking, so if not.. I might just organize a little contest or giveaway for my readers. I'll tell you more about each of them when I've received them.

Photo © M·A·C Cosmetics