Goodbye Paris, France

Our last days in Paris were influenced by what happened back home, and I wasn't feeling well. I don't know if it was the same old health issues, or if it was a reaction to the horrifying massacre. Maybe a combination of both, I really don't know. We ended up spending most of our time from Friday night to Monday night in our hotel room, watching the news and reading Norwegian newspapers online. It had then been rainy, chilly and grey outside for a few days, so it was kind of nice to stay indoors, eating Chinese food from the nice takeaway restaurant next to our hotel.

Despite of the weather, which turned out to be quite nice on Monday, we had decided to go back to La Gueuze for our last dinner in Paris. I wanted the 'Confit de Canard' one last time before leaving, and we also wanted to say goodbye to the wonderful staff. We were served an aperitif each of something I thought to be some kind of homemade black currant juice with alcohol. As it turned out it was raspberry beer mixed with whiskey and black currant liqueur. An interesting mix! We spent the evening at La Gueuze, ate and drank, having a really good time - the perfect ending to a wonderful vacation.

The trip home went fine, no unexpected problems anywhere, but being back in Norway is somewhat sad. I miss Paris already. Very much. I miss the city, its people, their mentality, the food and drinks, and all the friends we've made. At the same time it certainly feels good to be home, sleeping in our own bed. We are definitely going back to Le Quartier Latin, and we have already booked our hotel room for our next trip in 2012. I'm spending the next couple of days unpacking all the stuff I've accumulated while on vacation, taking pictures, sorting through everything, and then I'll do another post to show you what I've purchased.

Who would have thought I'd fall so deeply in love with Paris?
Stay tuned for the fun stuff. Grin


La Gueuze, Confit de Canard

My dad always told me that I'd turn into a potato if I kept on scoffing them down like I did as a kid, but if that is the case I'm about to turn into a duck. Yep, you read correctly, a duck. Quack! I've found my favorite "restaurant" of all times, with the nicest staff ever, and I've fallen deeply in love with one of their dishes: preserved duck with sauteed potatoes. Oh Em Gee. La Gueuze is the name of the place, and if you're ever in Paris I recommend stopping by for a bit to eat, and maybe a beer - as they offer a nice selection.

Apart from dreaming about the 'Confit de Canard' of La Gueuze, I have to admit I've been shopping a little more. OK, maybe a lot. I decided to visit the local Sephora again, since I love Sephora, and naturally it got expensive. As usual. Well, at least I bought a new fragrance for my fiancé, which happened to be the most expensive item in my cart. In addition to my goodies, that is. The first three items on my list wasn't acquired during my Sephora Shopping Spree. Amira had bought a Chanel palette and a NARS Lip Lacquer for me before I traveled to Paris, but instead of sending it by mail she brought it to me when we first met - and I forgot to add it to the relevant post.

Let's see, what else? Oh! I wanted to look for a pair of jeans, as the ones I have are a bit tight around the waist, so I ventured into a clothing store close to the hotel. I started flipping through jeans, and I suddenly came across a pair of skinny ones with patches on the thighs. I instantly wanted it, I'm a sucker for special designs on jeans, and it felt really soft and nice. And I couldn't help but grin when I saw the price tag: €5. For a pair of jeans! And if that wasn't enough it was the last pair, and the size turned out to be a perfect fit. I also picked up a burgundy "varsity" jacket (with PU sleeves) and a black 'leather' skirt, which might just be too short for me - but it just looked amazingly cool. Did I mention how much I love the pair of jeans? I will definitely go back to see if I can find me another pair.

So today we were supposed to meet up with Amira again, but I couldn't seem to reach her. It was a bummer, so we went to back to Galeries Lafayette alone to kill some time. I also wanted to stop by Hard Rock Cafe to buy a t-shirt or.. four, two shot glasses and a keychain (a nice addition to my ever-growing collection). After buying my very first Dior Vernis nail polish I could not stop thinking about the limited edition "St. Tropez", which the sales woman was wearing when I was at Galeries Lafayette the first time. Yes, I noticed. I started looking for it online without any luck, found that it was sold out from the US Dior and so I wanted to go back to Galeries Lafayette to see if they might still have it - and they did! I was so happy when I found it that my heart actually started racing. A little pathetic, I know - but at least now it's mine.

I do realize that I write a lot about shopping, but none of us are overly interested in arts and culture, so our vacations consists of taking it easy, living life to the fullest, enjoying good food, and shopping. I've also had days where I've felt the need to stay close to the hotel, days where we haven't been doing much at all.