Little Pieces of Treasure

I was very excited when Mr. Postman came by with a domestic package for me yesterday, since I was expecting a little something from the wonderful and talented Neglelakkmani. She made me a ring and a necklace using nail polish, and I'm in awe! Unfortunately the ring was bit too big for my stick fingers, but with a handy boyfriend like Øyvind we managed to fit it to my ring finger, and I've been wearing it with pride all day. My own little portable night sky! When I held the pendant up to the light I ended up just sitting there, flipping it back and forth to watch the amazing play of colors. Seriously, if you don't already own this nail polish you're lacking an essential piece to any collection. It's gorgeous! The pendant looks like it's filled with magic, plain out amazing. Grin

She used essie® "Starry Starry Night" for the ring, and Make Up Store "Lava" over a black nail polish for the pendant. These are definitely two pieces of jewelery I'll keep close to my heart. Thank you so very much, Karianne!

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Photos © Neglelakkmani


Storage for my treasures

Jewelery BoxIt ain't easy hanging on to a thought nowadays, but I finally remembered what I wanted to show you tonight. I've been wanting something to keep my jewelry in for a long time now, as mine are laying around all over. Over the years I've accumulated quite a few necklaces, pendants, earrings and stuff like that, and I always seem to be missing something. I was hoping to find some of it when I cleared out all the boxes from my house, but no luck. The Playboy pendant I bought in the US, my Whispering Dragon earring and my LotR ring are gone. Unfortunately I know there's a reason why I can't find them.. Some people should keep their thieving fingers to themselves, and learn something about integrity!

After searching high and low for a jewelry box with a lot of room, and preferably with a lock, I finally found one nice enough to seriously consider it. I just love this one! I haven't decided whether or not to get it yet, since it's made from wood it's kinda heavy and shipping might become expensive, but it's absolutely perfect for my use.

Jewelery BoxAs you can see it has six drawers in addition to the top compartment which can be locked. I'm not sure if the key locks the whole set of drawers or only the top compartment. The drawers themselves have inserts dividing them into smaller compartments. When you flip the side compartments out there's four hooks on each side for hanging necklaces and bracelets. On top there's seven ring rolls, and a full mirror. The whole jewelry box is 11" long, 7" wide and 15" high.

I have also been looking at another jewelry box which is practically the same as this one, but with four drawers instead of six - with the dimensions: 14" long, 7.25" wide and 12" high. I'm guessing they are pretty much the same size when it comes to storage, but I cannot decide on which one I like the most. I dunno. I might just have to flip a coin to decide on one of them!

Such a gorgeous little piece of furniture.


The Key to Your Heart

aha design: key necklace

For quite some time now I've been wanting a key necklace. I didn't want the classic ones from Tiffany & Co., and I didn't want it to be too big either. A couple of weeks ago we were in town, and I ventured into Gullfunn where I discovered this little beauty. I prefer my jewelery in .925 Sterling Silver as opposed to gold, so I was very happy to find this little key - although I didn't pay very close attention to the label saying "Diamond". I was planning on buying it for myself, but Øyvind beat me to it and gave me this gorgeous necklace as a gift.

I'll admit to be frowning slightly at the price since .925 isn't usually that expensive - still not really noticing the "Diamond" label - but it came with a chain and was from aha® Design, so I figured that might be the reason. When we arrived home I yet again opened up the box to admire the necklace, and this time I actually noticed the tiny little stones which the key was set with. Hm, stones? And then I suddenly realized that my key was set with diamonds! Diamonds. Imagine that.

I love it - in addition to the coolness of actually owning diamonds - thank you my sweet! Heart

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10


Helix piercing: day 17

BJS Piercing Jewelry: RingsI was kinda planning on writing another little piece about my piercing on Monday, since the 28th was two weeks since I was pierced, but I forgot all about it. I still haven't experienced any swelling, redness, tenderness or pain, but the other day it had bled a tiny bit. I suspect it was because I had a little accident while washing my hair. The piercing got a tug, and it hurt quite a bit for a few minutes. I just hope it won't cause any scarring. I'll probably stop by Ragnaråkk on Monday to have my bar changed into a shorter one. I think it'll be more convenient for Paris. We'll see!

Yesterday I got my last order of piercing jewelry. I ordered two circular barbells, one captive ball ring and a super cute cuff. Each piece is in 316L Surgical Steel and .925 Sterling Silver, and I adore all of them. The cuff has several heart cutouts all over, and I bought it to see if I could change the bar into a 14 gauge instead of the 16 gauge it comes with. It's so darling cute and I'm dying to wear it, so I hope it's doable. Unfortunately I now have two of the circular barbell with the dragon head (the first one I ordered in 16 gauge, and the second one in 14 gauge), it's brand new and hasn't been taken out of its plastic bag. If you're interested in taking the 16 gauge off my hands, then drop me a comment!

This first-time-piercing-experience has been fantastic. Maybe I should knock on wood. It's not healed yet by far, but none of the things I was dreading has happened. I do miss sleeping on my right side at night, but I'll manage and it'll be a lot better once I change the bar into a ring. And even though I'm really not a piercing-kind-of-person I might just get another in the same ear after the first one has healed completely.