Imagine that, I’m 31

I've had an terrific day so far despite the fact that nothing special has happened. So far I've gotten 99 birthday messages on my FaceBook wall, I've received several texts and phone calls, and some have congratulated me through IRC and MSN. Awesome! I'm a little overwhelmed over all the attention, and I would never have thought that so many people have remembered me today. Thank you so much - you're nothing less than frigging awesome!

I also got another birthday present today from Øyvind's mom and dad: a gorgeous pair of hematite ear studs. I absolutely love them, and I know I will be wearing them a lot. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your gift.

I also decided to take a trip to Bohus today to look at new mattresses. I once had a bed from Jensen® which I loved very much, and when we were in Uddevalla this summer I had the pleasure of sleeping on a Jensen® mattress again. I instantly decided I needed to have a mattress like that in my life again, a good mattress is an investment, so today we ordered two brand new Jensen® Ambassador mattresses! Unfortunately we have to wait for about two weeks, but I'm hoping they'll arrive a little sooner. I'm so happy!

Even though it's my birthday I'm not wearing any makeup today (either) since I'm having a bothersome headache, and we've decided to postpone our movie and restaurant plans for the evening. I am on the other hand wearing MUFE Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara, and I'm absolutely loving it! Naturally it's a little too early to proclaim my love for a mascara after having worn it for a single day, but the first impression is flawless and I'm looking forward to several days with this mascara.

Now I'm spending the rest of my birthday watching TV series, eating homemade pizza and possibly consuming a little alcohol. I'm craving sour apple martinis!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '10