Apple iPhone 6S

This morning Apple released their new iPhone; the 6S, and with it rose gold as a new color option. Anyone who knows me know how much I detest pink in every shape and form, but when I saw the rose gold I knew it would be my next color choice.

I've had my iPhone 5 for exactly three years now, and it's my third one due to various problems thankfully covered by the warranty. Recently it's been acting up again, freezing up on me in the middle of writing texts or doing other tasks, and I hate it so much. It's been a hassle since I got it, and apparently it's well known that the iPhone 5 is one of the weakest models made. Sounds like I'm trying to justify the price to myself, and in a way I am as the price tag on the new 6S is ridiculous, but.. hopefully it'll be here soon.

Apple iPhone 6S

Of course I could have opted for a cheaper phone, I know that, but I have my faithful Mac Pro, my iPod, different gadgets functioning with the iPhone, and I don't really see any reason to switch brand now. Maybe I will in the future, but not now. And I like the iPhone, it suits my needs.

Thank heavens for Santander!

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