Hurtta Pro Winter Jacket

I just have to say that I'm completely against dressing up animals in clothing, unless it's a garment necessary for keeping the animal warm due to the lack of a proper coat. It upsets me to see people dress up their animals in all kind of crap, and I cannot for the life of me understand why. Now, Theo was wearing a knitted sweater last winter because his coat was still too thin to keep him warm, and we had a cold winter. He didn't wear it when he was going outside for a quick pee, only when going for a longer walk to avoid freezing up.

Yes. I co-own two Chihuahuas. No. We don't treat them as babies, dolls or stuffed animals. They are live animals, and just as much dogs as a Siberian Malamute or Great Dane. They have four legs which they love to use for playing, walking and running, and we would never dream of depriving them of that joy. Theo has now developed a very nice coat, even though it's not full yet. Even so we've decided to buy him a Hurtta Pro Winter Jacket for situations where a little extra protection against the wind, rain and cold is needed. It protects the major muscle groups and tender abdomen area, and it's wind- and waterproof at the same time. I think it's really important to remember that a little cold actually help their coat thicken.

Hurtta Pro Winter Jacket

I was talking to my mom the other day, and we were discussing these winter jackets from Hurtta Pro. She told me that she got one of these winter jackets with my sister's dog Dennis, and she kept telling me how fantastic it was. I had actually been planning to buy one ever since Theo was a pup, but I was told to wait until he was fully grown to avoid having to buy another one as he grew. They're not exactly cheap! Then today, while visiting the Chihuahua forum, I found an ad for a jacket like this. It was the right size, the color I wanted, still wrapped in plastic - and the girl selling it was asking 550,- NOK, which would be about $94 with today's exchange rate. I decided to jump on it since the store I was planning on ordering from were asking $111 plus shipping for the exact same garment.

I like it!

Photo © Hurtta