China Glaze Holiday 2010 Collection

I think I should admit to someone, most importantly myself maybe, that I'm a total sucker for shimmery nail polish. When I saw the new Holiday 2010 collection from China Glaze yesterday I just had to go on a hunt for proper swatches, and Scrangie is one of those fantastic nail bloggers who rarely lets me down. I quickly pegged which ones I wanted, and hurried off to Trans Design to place my order, just as I use to. From earlier experience these special polishes tend to sell out fairly quickly, so I wanted to be sure I'd get mine before they are gone. Unfortunately TD is only offering 12 of the polishes in this collection - why they don't offer "Mommy Kissed Santa", "Jingle Bells", "Frosty" or "Snow" is unknown - so I scampered off to Head2Toe instead. A few minutes later my order had been placed, and now I'm crossing my fingers it'll arrive shortly!

I'm not a very Christmas-y person as we all already know, but these polishes ended up giving me warm, fuzzy feelings inside, reminding me of Christmas when I was a kid and actually liked snow.

"Frosty" is a gorgeous white shimmer, totally reminding me of powdery, magical snow. There are six different reds in the collection, but I was instantly drawn to "Sugar Plums", a plum shimmer with glitter - and "Mommy Kissing Santa", a gorgeous rich cranberry shimmer. "Little Drummer Boy" is an absolutely stunning rich blue shimmer - I love the name, and it's also one of very few Christmas songs I like to listen to. "Midnight Kisses" is a pretty gold shimmer, and "Cheers to You" looks like silver shimmer twin. The wild card of my order is "Party Hearty" which is a glitter top coat-mix of red, green, silver and gold glitter - this is not typically a polish I would order, but it looked quite unique, and I'm sure I'll find a way to layer it.

China Glaze Frosty China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa China Glaze Sugar Plums China Glaze Little Drummer Boy China Glaze Cheers to You China Glaze Midnight Kiss China Glaze Party Hearty

The total price for seven nail polishes? $37 included shipping to Norway by USPS First-Class Mail International ($15.70), or about 213,- NOK with today's exchange rate. They cost a little less than amazing 17,- NOK per bottle! Now I'm just a little anxious to see whether or not Head2Toe declare the shipments correctly (value and shipping separate), or if I have to pay taxes and fees upon arrival.

Choose between the 16 colors, or get all of them from Head2Toe.

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