Helix piercing: day 17

BJS Piercing Jewelry: RingsI was kinda planning on writing another little piece about my piercing on Monday, since the 28th was two weeks since I was pierced, but I forgot all about it. I still haven't experienced any swelling, redness, tenderness or pain, but the other day it had bled a tiny bit. I suspect it was because I had a little accident while washing my hair. The piercing got a tug, and it hurt quite a bit for a few minutes. I just hope it won't cause any scarring. I'll probably stop by Ragnaråkk on Monday to have my bar changed into a shorter one. I think it'll be more convenient for Paris. We'll see!

Yesterday I got my last order of piercing jewelry. I ordered two circular barbells, one captive ball ring and a super cute cuff. Each piece is in 316L Surgical Steel and .925 Sterling Silver, and I adore all of them. The cuff has several heart cutouts all over, and I bought it to see if I could change the bar into a 14 gauge instead of the 16 gauge it comes with. It's so darling cute and I'm dying to wear it, so I hope it's doable. Unfortunately I now have two of the circular barbell with the dragon head (the first one I ordered in 16 gauge, and the second one in 14 gauge), it's brand new and hasn't been taken out of its plastic bag. If you're interested in taking the 16 gauge off my hands, then drop me a comment!

This first-time-piercing-experience has been fantastic. Maybe I should knock on wood. It's not healed yet by far, but none of the things I was dreading has happened. I do miss sleeping on my right side at night, but I'll manage and it'll be a lot better once I change the bar into a ring. And even though I'm really not a piercing-kind-of-person I might just get another in the same ear after the first one has healed completely.


Day 4 with a helix piercing

I'm now on my fourth day of being pierced for the first time, and I figured I'd update those of you who might be considering getting one on how I'm doing. Come to think of it I didn't really tell you anything about the actual experience, and I'm oblivious to why I waited so long to get my ear pierced in the first place. Sure, we all experience pain in different ways, but I have to say it didn't hurt at all. I really thought it would hurt like hell, and I was actually thinking about chickening out as I entered the store! You know, hating needles and all that. Thankfully I never saw the needle - Øyvind did, and later said it was quite the size - it felt like.. someone pinched my ear really hard. It wasn't painful, just unpleasant. It kept stinging for a good 10 minutes, then it stopped. I was expecting swelling, redness, maybe some bleeding, but I've experienced none of that. And today my ear cartilage feels completely normal, and I keep forgetting the fact that I've recently been pierced. I've also been cleaning it thoroughly with sterile saline solution and I've refrained from touching it at all, as I was told. I'm hoping it'll stay like this, and that it'll heal nicely.

Piercing JewelryI don't intend to change my piercing before I'm sure it's healed, making it safe to change the jewelry without risking any damage, and I'll be going back to Ragnaråkk to have it done my professionals. I don't want to risk getting any infections either just because I'm too impatient to wait for it to heal properly. In the meantime I've been enjoying myself by browsing for cool jewelry, and these are the ones I've ended up ordering. All of these are made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, and some have charms or whatever made from .925 Sterling Silver. I'm not sure how the two circular barbells will look in my helix since they are best suited for "forward facing" piercings, but I couldn't pass them up. Would you look at that awesome dragon!

As shown in my little "collage" I've chosen mostly jewelry that's relatively easy to change, but a I also bought a set of ring opening and ring closing pliers so I can change my own captive closure rings. I've found several sites selling piercing jewelry for just a few dollars or pounds - yes, I have checked reviews before ordering anything from them - and I'm very pleased with the selection. Now I hope my helix will heal quickly so I can start wearing my new treasures!

Photo edited by Shamini Thevarajah '10


Pierced and smiling!

June 14th 2010: Helix PiercingI went through with it, and I've now got a super cool helix piercing to show off for being brave! I was planning on get a ring, but after talking to a friend of mine with experience and the woman who pierced me, I decided to go with a stud until it's fully healed. A stud reduces the chance of getting bacteria into the wound (the ring will turn and pull bacteria back into it), and I don't want to risk anything. Since it's a cartilage piercing it's a bitch to get infections and complications, so I'll do what I can to prevent it.

I thought I was getting a 16 gauge, but instead I ended up with a 14 gauge - which lets me choose from a lot more different jewelry, and I don't have to think about stretching it later on. Perfect! So I want to give a big thanks to Ragnaråkk for making my first real piercing such a pleasant experience! Grin


Piercing? What?

Ever since piercings became a major trend.. statement.. thingie, I've been skeptical. I have never really liked piercings, and I would dream of poking holes all over my body just for the heck of it. I will admit to have had the occasional urge to get an eyebrow piercing, or even a lip ring, but thankfully I never got around to doing either. Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying, if people like piercings and want to get one - or eight - that's their own business, I've just never wanted one for myself. I don't think it would fit me. Or my style.

Just to make it clear I don't consider the regular pierced earlobe a piercing, even if it is. When I was three years old my mom took me to the hairdresser, and I left with both my ears pierced. I remember it like it was yesterday, and even though I've been wanting to pierce my ears again, I've never had the guts. Talk about traumatized, huh! Anyway. I don't know what has changed, but I suddenly have this desperate desire for another ear piercing, a real piercing. After talking to a girl on Twitter about her two new piercings, rook and tragus, I wanted one even more and I started searching the Internet for what the different ear piercings are called. Yes, ear. Anywhere else on my body is completely out of the question.

I decided on a helix, and I've booked an appointment for next Monday. Wish me luck, please? I still hate needles, and I'm not really sure whether or not I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. I did double-check with the piercing parlor since we're driving to Paris in less than a month, but I was assured it would be quite OK as long I take properly care of it - and that I intend to do. The healing time for a cartilage piercing like this is usually 6-8 months, maybe even up to a year, and I have no intentions of ignoring that. I've never experienced any complications with any of my tattoos, so I'm guessing I've been doing a fairly good job with all six of them.

I'll keep you posted, and pictures will be added if I don't chicken out in the meanwhile. Wink