Gillio Firenze

Earlier this year I stumbled upon Filofax again, in all its glory, and rekindled the love I once had for these beautiful planners. Since then quite a few of them has come in to my possession, one way or another, in different sizes, colors and models - and some have become favorites above others. I prefer those made from real leather, as the smell and feel are divine with every single one.

Now, every experienced Filofaxer have heard about Gillio Firenze (and their exclusive handmade leather planners called «Gillios», previously known as «Gigliodoro»), and I'm sure just about every one of us have dreamt about owning one. These planners cost a small fortune, but with these you certainly get what you pay for. Their planners are customizable, rings can be changed and you can choose between gold and silver, same with the poppers, the leather comes in a variety of colors and different textures, and there are different sizes and models to choose from. From what I've heard the age beautifully, developing a much sought-after patina, becoming shiny and softer to the touch.

As lucky as I am I stumbled upon an (expired) offer, on a Gigliodoro Compagna Croco in medium. I'm not a very big fan of textured leather, I prefer the smooth kinds like the Epoca, but this Gillio was too special to get off my mind - and the offer was excellent. Some call it «Monster», others call it «Savage», but to me this planner will always be one reminding me of an old favorite horror movie of mine; A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Can't you just see Freddy Krueger in this planner? I know I do, which is why I love it so much.

I'm guessing this will spark a Gillo craze, and I'm already dreaming of a Mia Cara in medium, made from some kind of brown Epoca leather. These planners develop a patina over time, and the more they've been used, the more beautiful they become - and this is coming from someone with severe OCD regarding usage of personal belongings. I really doubt she'll be mine though, even in the future, as these planners are way out of my price range - but some day I might be able to snatch up a used one, at a reasonable price. I'm allowed to dream, am I not?