The Heffalump and the Fragrance Cabinet

My goodness, time flies! The past two weeks I think my brain has experienced a minor meltdown. I have a million things to do, yes, because I haven't learned how to say no to people, so I kinda feel like I did when I was on Atarax (mush for brains). Not a good thing. I most certainly work best under pressure, but at the moment I feel disconnected. I have no idea where to start, how to start, or even what to do. The main thing on my agenda is the 2012 Christmas issue of a magazine, for which I'm the chief editor. Can you believe that? The second thing on that very same agenda is a translation job, and in between there's a couple of smaller tasks waiting to be done. I'm aching to start blogging again, even though I don't have that much to blog about.

At the moment I'm trying to work out how I want my office/makeup room, and how to make it as functional as possible. I need most my things within reach, which isn't really that simple from a wheelchair. We have installed a cabinet where I've chosen to display all my fragrances and I really love how it turned out. Now it's really easy to see what I have, and chose which scent to wear. Up until last week I've kept all my fragrances in their boxes in a closed cabinet, but some of them are so decorative it's a shame to hide them away like that. Now they're all sitting on glass shelves, lit up by LED lights (no UV rays, no heat).

The Cabinet of Fragrances«The Heffalump and the Fragrance Cabinet»

We also went to IKEA, something I hate with all the fibers in my body, but for the very first time I came out of there filled to the brim with.. inspiration? Weird feeling. Suddenly I had this marvelous idea about how to make my office/makeup room even better, and I can hardly wait to see how my vision turns out! I think I've found a way to construct the perfect vanity area for myself, with excellent lighting and a way to store my makeup where I can reach everything without having to ask for help. My brain suddenly went into overdrive, and I started picturing myself uploading tutorials to YouTube! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.. but this might just kindle my passion for makeup again, making it both easier and a lot more fun to do looks.

I also had a moment of having that feeling a little earlier tonight. I found a bunch of posts in my drafts folder that I thought I had already posted, but somehow I seem to have forgotten all about them. What a waste! Oh well, I guess I have a lot to chose from the next time I'm all out of inspiration.

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012


Moods of Norway Eau de Cocktail POUR FEMME

Even though we're not really into celebrating Christmas around our house, or should I say 'apartment', we always seem to end up buying a little thing for one another. Usually something for the apartment, or something we know the other one would appreciate. This year we already exchanged our presents, and my sweet fiancé gave me the brand new fragrance Moods of Norway Eau de Cocktail Pour Femme, launched on December 1st.

I might have cheated a little as I stopped by Parfymelle Solsiden the other day to have a little whiff of this new fragrance, and when I instantly fell in love with this pink, girly, sweet and fruity scent, it went straight to the top of my imaginary Christmas wish list. Imaginary because I don't keep such a list. Wearing this fragrance somehow brings me back to Paris, and I feel like it's somehow a combination of the best notes of several other fragrances I love to wear. Oh, and the attached little charm shaped as a waffle heart is just too damn cute!

Moods of Norway Eau de Cocktail POUR FEMME

It's supposed to be quite nationalistic with its top notes of fruit and berries, the Norwegian wild strawberries and black currant, peach and bergamot. When the exciting top notes have calmed down, you'll notice the heart of this fragrance: rose, orange flower and jasmine. The base notes are from the deep Norwegian woods, cedar and moss. While the top notes of this scent puts a smile on my face, I'm deeply in love with its mysterious base notes, and it's definitely one of my favorite fragrances so far.

It's an Eau de Toilette, available in two sizes: 30 ml (395,- NOK) and 50 ml (545,- NOK). And both POUR FEMME and POUR HOMME are exclusive to Parfymelle and Moods of Norway themselves.

Photo: Parfymelle


Haul: Travalo Excel

Have you ever heard of Travalo? I hadn't either until I watched a video by gossmakeupartist. It's a refillable perfume atomizer bottle spray - you just fill it up with your favorite perfume, and it's perfect to carry with you everywhere. It's even aircraft approved, which is genius. To be honest I had forgotten all about ordering a Travalo Excel, so I was quite surprised when a padded envelope arrived for me.

I totally love the idea! You just remove the nozzle of your favorite perfume, and fill up your Travalo by pumping it up and down on the tube. When it's full it contains more than 65 sprays, and you can easily see how much is left in the fill level indicator window. The Excel also comes in a 'crystal case' to protect it when you're carrying it around in your purse, or wherever.

Travalo Excel

I wasn't really planning on ordering one, but when I noticed that Travalo donated money to the fight against breast cancer for every pink atomizer sold during October, I decided to order one after all. It cost £12.49, which would be about 113,- NOK with today's exchange rate plus international shipping of 23,- NOK. I ordered on a Wednesday, the package was shipped on the follow Thursday, and eight days later it arrived in my mailbox.

Since I have a few perfumes to choose from I haven't quite decided which one to fill my Excel with, but I'm so happy I don't have to bring any glass vials or bottles with me the next time I travel. I also asked Travalo a question about using the same atomizer with several fragrances, and they recommended using one atomizer with one perfume since it's impossible to clean it in between fragrances. I was thinking that it might be a fun way to mix perfumes, and make your own personal fragrance?

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Paris Haul #3: Facials

Here's the third and final part of my "Paris Haul" series, and this time I've added just about everything else. I did also buy four pair of jeans, three t-shirts, a skirt, a hoodie and a jacket, but I didn't bother photographing any of those. Maybe some other time. Probably not. Anyway, below you'll find everything facial, a few tools and a couple of fragrances.

Since I'm very aware of having readers who couldn't care less about makeup and shopping, those of you who are interested will have to click "continue reading" for the juicy details, including pictures. And with this I conclude my haul. Grin