To write a kind of Christmas card

Så var jula over for denne gang, og all familie har reist hjem igjen. Det var ekstra koselig å ha storesøsteren min her, det er ikke så ofte vi sees og få ha henne nesten helt for meg selv er egentlig litt luksus. Det merkes godt at jeg sakte, men sikkert har tredd inn i de voksnes rekker, for det er ikke lenger noe problem å oppholde seg i samme rom som henne uten å fly i flint innen tre usle minutter, sånn som det var før. Sammen pyntet vi årets juletre - ja, for vi bestemte oss jo for å kjøpe juletre i år - stekte krumkaker, spilte spill, hadde dype samtaler og var søstre. Gode søstre.

Vi hadde også besøk av Øyvinds foreldre og lillesøster, og akkurat som sist var det også kjempekos. Det blir liksom ekstra stas nå som vi faktisk har plass til å ta imot besøk, til å lage skikkelig middag på det fine kjøkkenet vårt, og å kunne sitte samlet rundt et bord og bare være sosiale.

Denne gangen var det vår tur å være vertskap for jula, selv om vi jo egentlig ikke feirer jul. For meg har det nærmest blitt en prinsippsak, for jeg syns det er mye koseligere å gi og motta gaver på et helt tilfeldig tidspunkt, bare fordi man har lyst til å glede andre, enn det er å styre med jul, julegaver og alt det som forventes. Denne jula gav jeg fra meg én julegave: et par heklede pulsvanter til mamma. Likevel har jeg feiret mer jul i 2012 enn jeg har gjort siden jeg var lita jente. Jeg har fått daglige adventspakker av Øyvind, som forøvrig har vært den aller fineste adventskalenderen jeg noen gang har hatt, vi har et nydelig juletre i stua, vi har lagd julegodt som brente mandler, knekk og marsipankuler med både nougat, cognac, hjemmelagd krokan og sjokolade - for ikke å glemme krumkakene, og vi har hatt julebesøk. Ja, og Øyvind har briljert på kjøkkenet med både gløgg og Bailey's, begge deler lagd fra bunnen av. Julemat som pinnekjøtt og ribbe er selvsagt middag i disse tider, uavhengig av om man feirer eller ikke, for det er altfor godt til å velge bort. Det eneste som manglet for min del, var mamma og pappa, og jeg skulle ønske at de kunne vært her sammen med oss (istedet for å sitte alene oppe i nord uten vann).

The Christmas Tree of 2012

Ha en fortsatt fin romjul, alle sammen!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah 2012


On Easter break!

It's Wednesday and we've been up north at my parents house for five days now, which is why I've been quiet for a while. Not that silence from me has been that unusual lately.. Our trip wasn't really planned, but after conspiring a little with my older brother we just decided to pack up the car and start on the 11 hour drive to go see my parents, my brother (who left the day before us by train) and.. my "new" niece!

See, my brother was originally visiting us in Trondheim when my mom invited his eldest daughter Catharina to come down for Easter. To make a long story very, very short, our family has just grown by one teenager - and I really wanted to meet her as well, especially since I was the first one from our family to contact her. And after spending five days with her, I'm really glad we decided to go even though the roads were a nightmare! She's such a doll, and I absolutely adore her. I'm tremendously happy to have been able to get to know her, and I hope she'll come visit us in Trondheim some time.

Saltfjellet, April 2011

The picture above shows the new road across Saltfjellet. Fascinating, huh? The speed limit was 80 km/h, but going any faster than 10 km/h would be insanity and quite possibly suicidal. This was a very worst part of E6, but there were several times I thought I'd end up with whiplash or a broken spine. Norway is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world, I wish they'd spend a tad more money on our roads.

Despite it being Easter and all, and me seriously thinking that I'd manage to save some money when I wasn't sitting at home, browsing all kinds of interesting websites, I failed. Immensely. I've been shopping, spending money, and having fun. I'll do another post whenever Mr. Postman decides to stop by. Holidays are killing me!

Photo © Øyvind H. '11

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SILENCE.. and nail polish!

I'm so sorry for being silent the last.. has it been 10 days already? The reason for this little vanishing act has partly been a long and very nice visit from my older brother, and then one of my older sisters decided to join us all for a couple of days, and partly because I haven't been feeling all that well. I mean, what else is new? Just to give you a little update on my current health status I've kinda figured out a few things, completely on my own, for instance what's been causing my rapid heart rate, making me feel bad and exhausted in general. Yesterday and today I've been feeling like crap due to a tremendous headache, which feels like an alien is about to sprout from the top of my head. I'm sorry for any images that might have caused you. Anyway, I've tested my theory for a few days now, and my heart rate has kept pretty much normal. Yay me!

It has been really awesome seeing my brother again. I think it's been six years since the last time I saw him. I know, way too long, but that's the way it is when you live at opposite parts of the world. I miss him a lot, he's by far the best big brother out there. We didn't really do anything much because of the bad shape I've been in, but it was nice just hanging around - and we have lots of good laughs while playing cards. My sister needed a bit of a vacation, and seemed to be having a good time while visiting us and our two little rascals. Believe me when I say it was all weird and empty here when they left last Friday.

OPI Shatter and Teenage DreamSo today was Valentine's Day. Who cares about Valentine's Day? I certainly don't, so now we have that out of the way. Moving on!

Lucky as I am Mr. Postman came by with a package for me, and that package totally made my day! It contained two O·P·I nail polishes in "Shatter" and "Teenage Dream" from the Katy Perry collaboration. If you want to see how they look, take a peek at this gorgeous manicure by the fabulous Neglelakkmani, who was also kind enough to get me these two beauties. You are such a sweetheart, thank you so much again!

Photo © Shamini Thevarajah '11


A belated Happy Holidays

Another Christmas is over, and silence is upon us once again. Please excuse my absence the last few days, but I haven't had the time to sit down in front of my Mac. Christmas Eve and Day was absolutely wonderful, shared with Øyvind's parents, sister and her boyfriend, even though I kinda missed having my own parents here. We made dinner both days as we have this tradition of eating pork ribs on Christmas Eve in Norway, and since I hail from up north I wanted to have Pinnekjøtt as well. I'm not a very big fan of pork ribs, or even pork in general, but Øyvind's dad makes a killer pork rib which I just can't say no to. So this year we made one ourselves from his instructions (and with a little help from the master himself), and it was just perfect.

We didn't have a Christmas tree for several reasons. 1.) We don't really have the space for a tree. 2.) We've got two small devilish dogs, and I suspect that the youngest one would try to eat.. the tree, with the decorations and all. 3.) I absolutely hate the idea of having a living room full of previously hibernating insects and arachnids - yes, I have actually experienced the scenario with a room full of disgusting and very much alive creepy-crawlies. So, we decided to use our glass cupboard as an.. art deco tree, and it worked out very well. As usual I didn't think there would be anything labeled with my name 'under the tree', but somehow I ended up with several presents from near and far. Thank you so much for thinking of me, I love you all.

Amazon Kindle Leather CoverI have my own little tradition of buying myself a Christmas present, even though I don't really celebrate this holiday, and this year was no exception. After having fondled Kari's gorgeous Kindle, I knew I had to stop pondering and get one for myself. You might remember that I was fantasizing about one not so long ago?

So late last night I decided to log into Amazon and order me a spanking new Kindle 6" Wi-Fi and a nice brown leather cover to keep it safe from any harm. Unfortunately it was out of stock, but expected delivery was set to January 20th. I'm really excited, and I hope this will rekindle (no pun intended) my joy of reading.

Photo © Amazon